Sunday, July 12, 2015

You Are My Family

You are a part of me.
You see what we can be…
When we’re in Love.
And such is the truth for all of us.

We are Teachers of Innocence.
Here to reestablish the reign of Love.
We are teachers of Peace.
Here to remind everyone of our inheritance.

When we remember we are the Love we seek, we see the innocence.
When we remember to extend Peace, we feel the Presence of Love.
When we realign with the Truth of our origin, we see the children of God.
When we request only what is our natural right, we live in harmony with All.

The EGO  (Edging God or Goodness Out) seeks to see what is wrong.
The Ego fights to be right and to win.
The Ego depends it position at all costs.
The Ego would rather be right than be happy.

When we seek silence and listen within,. we know we are all One.
When we trust and free ourselves and others, we realize all seek happiness.
When we extend forgiveness and peace to upsets and demands, we know only Love.
When we step up and speak up for Love, we find the path to winning for all.

Isn’t it time to be our brother’s teacher?
Isn’t it time to speak up for justice for all?
Isn’t it time to help all children learn well?
Isn’t it time that everyone has a job to do?

Sometimes people get depressed and stop caring.
Sometimes children are hungry and stop learning.
Sometimes countries are forsaken and stop trying.
Sometimes the world is in chaos and stops creating.

It is time for each one…one by one….to step up and speak up.
It is essential that we  say what we want and go for it fully.
It is our work to be the change we want to see and contribute.
It is our choice to have a happy harmonious world for us all..

The children know and hide in rooms.
The children see and refuse to look.
The children care and get lost in their fear and pain.
The children can and are told they won’t amount to anything.

I see and I know.
I care and I can.
It is my choice to do what I can.
It is your choice to make a difference, one at a time.

Loving us for caring,
Betty Lue