Friday, July 17, 2015

Why Have You Come?

"I am Moonbeam. I dance among the stars and the sun shines softly through me. My rays of light have always been free and flowing, simple love. One day while I was dancing with a group of stars, they told me about a place full of souls who had forgotten how to shine. My heart hurt when I felt that. So much held in - what would happen to them and how could we recognize each other? So I chose to go, to meet them and help them remember that light inside. Wow! So many distractions! Mostly other beings who told each other what was right or wrong and how I could be just right so they could see me as they wished. I forgot why I even came for a while. They have this thing called Fear. Whew! It rules almost everything and most of the beings. Thank Goodness there are other beings here who remember their light and helped me to remember why I came! Now I dance among the stars and the sun shines softly and brightly through me. I am free and flowing, simple love. I am doing and being what I came for.” 
From Spirit within Bridgette Kossar, Minister of Reunion

I am here to be truly helpful.
I remember the Goodness and Love within me.
I shine my light snd share the Good.
Life is fun, safe and easy when I remember Who I AM.

Why Have You Come?

Did you come to shine like the sun or live in the shadows?
Did you come to dance in the light or lie in the darkness?
Did you come to sing out with joy or cry with your suffering?
Did you come to remember Love or forget in the fear?

Let us remember what our purpose is.
Let us awaken to the light within.
Let us learn to wash away the sadness.
Let us renew our vow to live in Love.

To remember we need to not be lost in the illusion.
To awaken to our inner light, we must not linger in the darkness.
To sing our with joy we need to delight in our freedom.
To renew our will to Love, we must release ourselves from slavery.

We can be a moonbeam reflecting the light of the Sun.
We can be a sunflower, basking in the radiant warmth.
We can be the starlight, shining in the dark sky.
We can be a safe sanctuary, sheltering innocence from judgment.

We are called to the light.
We are invited to remember love.
We are encourage to seek safety.
We are remembering our innocence.

Why have I come?
Perhaps to find you.
Why are we here?
To unite in the sanctuary of Love.

Let us forgive and be loving reminders.
Let us let go and celebrate our freedom.
Let us be grateful and honor our inner Goodness.
Let us prosper with the blessings of our Joy.

This is our time to step away from judgment.
This is our truth to celebrate our lives.
This is our will to listen within to wisdom.
This is our natural state to live in Love and Peace.

* Find a place of peace.
* Listen to the stillness.
* Feel the warmth of healing.
* Hear the heart of God.
* Be free in your calling.
* Share gratitude for the freedom.
* Trust in the Truth.
* Remember the innocence of Love.
* This is our Holy Purpose.

Remembering the One We Are.
Together there is only Love.
Betty Lue

The Gift You Are

You are the gift.

In your healing, I am healed.

In your smiling, I find joy.

In your learning, I am filled with wisdom.

In your free expressions, I am empowered.

In your abundance, I too prosper.

In your spontaneity, I am set free.

In your joy, I know heaven.

And so it is that you give your Self to me

And I receive you with love and gratitude.

I am the gift I give to You

And I fully receive the gift I freely give.

As I know You, I know my Self.

As I give to you, I receive all good.

As I support you, I am supported by the Universe.

As I honor and respect you, I experience gratitude in all my being.

As I love you, I am loving all of God's creation.

I know you and believe in you.

I honor, respect and support you in being.

In you and me is all the Universe.

We are gifts to one another.
 - Betty Lue