Friday, July 24, 2015


I love the peace of Trusting.
I forgive myself and others for distrust and fear.
I relinquish all need to justify and explain my trust.
I free myself to live in my total Trust in Love.

Trust Will Settle Every Problem Now!

If I step back and Let Love lead the way, I trust in Love.
If I relinquish all attack, gossip and criticism, I trust problems will resolve.
If I let go of my need to please others, I trust my inner guide is true.
If I allow all things to be as they truly are, I trust life teaches and gives what is Good for me and you.

There is a BIG “If”.
Most people have learned to distrust Life.
Most people are afraid to let go and allow natural change.
Most people hang on, hold up and stop what is to be fun, safe and easy.

I have experimented and know with Spirit, life can be fun, safe and easy.
I have noticed, when life is flowing with inner guidance, everyone is happy.
I have observed, when people listen within, everything works together for good.
I have known and been shown conscience is a guide for a guilt-free life.

Trust allows change.
Trust is flexible, open and willing.
Trust is flowing with inspiration and joy.
Trust is fun, safe and easy living and giving.

Being Willing to let go of control and trust is key to true prosperity.
Being Open to the power and presence of Love is essential.
Being Grateful for all things knowing they teach us is inspiring.
Being Happy with the blessings that come our way creates builds Trust.

Trust gives us rest.
Trust gives us peace.
Trust gives us defenselessness.
Trust gives us open-mindedness.

Trust frees us from worry.
Trust stops all fear.
Trust begets freedom.
Trust allows creativity.

Trust empowers us to be fully available.
Trust creates mental silence and inner listening.
Trust values all loving responses.
Trust expands infinite possibilities.

Why not trust when all else fails!
Why not allow when nothing else feels good!
Why not forgive judgment and fear to be truly happy!
Why not breathe with gratitude to enjoy exactly what we have!

Enjoying the health and happiness, peace and prosperity that Trust gives,
Betty Lue