Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I choose to see everything differently.
I let go of pre-judging and see what is with love.
I allow my mind to be open to what is good and whole.
I easily translate my experiences into what inspires me.

Translate All Things Into Good

Use your mind to see things differently.
Use your words to say things differently.
Use your behavior to do things differently.
Be willing and open to translate only for good!

Life can be seen with the duality of good and bad.
What you believe, you will see.
Anything that you experience will be seen as what you believe.
Therefore translate into what you want to see.

Give yourself the opportunity to see things with new eyes.
Allow yourself to perceive with a new mind.
Open to translating those you meet to perceive the best in them.
When we are willing to know it is all for Good, it will be.

Everyone is doing the best they know at the time.
Even when people know better, there are times they forget.
Even when people want to do better, there are moments of neglect.
Even when we ourselves prefer to be positive that we allow ourselves to be negative.

Can we forgive and wash away all things?
Can we let go of the judgments and disappointments we hold?
Can we clear our mind of defensiveness and be defenseless?
The experiences we repeat come from repeated thoughts.

Learning to translate is willingness to see things from the other side.
When we can step into another’s show and listen for their perceptions, we easily see things differently.
When we drop our position, opinion and viewpoint, we begin to see a wider view of what is.
Translation begets transformation in thoughts and emotions, relationships and behaviors.

Translation can create true and lasting happiness.
Open minds can begin to see the light in all things.
Willing beings can enjoy what happens as all Good.
Everything works together for Good is truly Possible to believe and perceive!

When we are stuck in our own narrow field of possibility, the world is filled with judgment.
When we cling to our opinions and limiting perceptions, nothing can change our mind.
When we forgive ourselves, we begin to see with the eyes of Love.
With clear vision, we find ourselves filled with new translations of old experiences.

It is true that Goodness can work through all experience when we are willing to translate.
Translation from inner peace begets Healing, Goodness and Love.
Translation with an open mind allow all negatives to be seen as a call for Love.
Translation with the freedom and trust of Innocence perceives all things new again.

And so it is, we are happy and free to translate as we choose life to be.
Loving you is loving me and loving all sets me free.
Betty Lue