Sunday, July 19, 2015

Love Is A Gift!

No matter what, I never quit on Love.
I Am here to share the Love I AM.
Life is for Loving in the ways that matter.
I share in the ways Love is well received.

Love Is A Gift!

When we give a gift, we pay attention to the receiver.
When we share our love, we must pay attention to the One we Love.
When we are giving what matters, it must matter to the receiver.
So let us share our Love as the gift it truly is.

Life is for Giving.
You are the Gift.
In giving your Love, you recognize the value of your Gift.
If you give to get Love, it is conditional..

A true gift must be valued by giver and receiver.
When we pay attention to what we are giving, we feel its worth to us.
When we pay attention to what is received, we can see and feel its worth to the recipient.
When we listen to our heart, we know the love we give and receive in the giving.

Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman shows us what to look for in our giving. 
When we are willing to give to others as we want to be given to, we notice what is meaningful.
When we can feel the expectations of the Giver, we may not want to be a recipient.
When we see what is given with strings and conditions, what is given is only for bargaining.

A gift of love is given freely and generously with a happy heart.
Gifts of Love are received most easily by the recipient.
Gifts of Love can be words, touch, service, time or symbols.
Gifts of Love show gratitude and joy in the relationship.

Gifts of Love are a blessing for both giver and receiver.
When we give Love authentically, we feel the value of the giving.
The acknowledgment of the recipient is a blessing to the giver.
Gifts of Love show and share the gratitude in the relationship.

Everything unlike Love is always a call for Love.
Likewise, gifts of Love can also be given to those showing their need for Love.
Not everyone is in the same place as we are.
When we respond to the lack of Love by giving our Love, we have truly shown we care.

Pay attention to what will be received most easily.
When people feel empty, angry or hurting, they need our love.
When people are withdrawn, lonely, scared or sad, they are calling for Love.
How we respond is a fine are of listening and caring with sensitivity and compassion.

Give Love with a written note or a special gift.
Give Love with “I am sorry you are hurting.”
Give Love by being present and showing you care.
Give Love with a hug, smile or special meal.

Give Love by helping or some kind act of service.
Give Love by acknowledging how special they are to you.
Give Love by showing you really care.
Dare to Love by being there with others when they have need.

Life is for Giving.
Give Love consistently.
Give Love confidently.
Give Love unconditionally.

Giving Love the best ways I know,
Betty Lue