Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Forgetting Love?

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to remember and remind the Presence of Love.
I need not doubt or fear that Love is here, ever-present and all powerful.
I am willing to consistently be a Loving Reminder for everyone!

Forgetting the Power of Love?

Love is what prevails through all things.
Light permeates all darkness no matter what.
We are here to bring the presence of love to our world.
We are to share the Light in the midst of forgetting.

I am here to remember the Light and so are you.
We together are to bring Love to all circumstances.
Together we can achieve miracles of healing, remembering and creating only beauty and goodness.
As One, we awaken one another to the Infinite Good within us all.

My intention is to Love.
My calling is to trust.
My desire is to be free.
I seek only to love and be loved.

In happiness, deep inner joy and peace, I feel gratitude.
In heartfelt gratitude, I come to a sense of fulfillment for all I create.
In creativity, I find profound well-being for all that is and ever shall be.
In our wholeness, we come to return again and still again to the Infinite Power of Love.

Our holy work is healing.
Our healing work is trusting.
Our trusting work is contributing.
Our contributing work is appreciating.

When we are willing to heal, trust, contribute and appreciate, everything works together for Good.
Goodness blesses everyone.
Our whole and Good creations prosper all.
Our REAL prosperity comes to us and through us as unconditional Love.

When we are blessed, we bless others.
When we prosper others, we are prospered.
When we remember to appreciate, we are appreciated.
When we Love, we experience the infinite potential of Love.

With Love there are no limits.
With Trust, we feel safe.
With freedom, we create only good.
With gratitude, we are open to the infinite.

Life works when we do our inner work.
Life flows when we let go of control.
Life is prospered, when all are blessed.
Life creates, when we seek only Good.

And so it is, we are abundantly blessed.
Betty Lue

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

 It makes no difference
  how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

 If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox