Thursday, June 04, 2015


I take full responsibility for my life experiences.
I choose the way I respond and appreciate my choices.
I am free to choose where to live and whom to associate with.
I take impeccable care of my whole self to stay in love and at peace.


We each are free to choose what to see and what to be.
We are free to speak and free to be silent.
We are free to move and free to stay.
We are free to be miserable and free to be happy.

My most cherished value is freedom.
What is you more cherished value?
Often what we value determines our choices.
When we choose what we value, we have more of the same.

Freedom is a given.
We are free lie down or get up.
We are free to be victims or be sovereign,
We are free to live in fear or live in faith.

There are consequences of being free.
We are responsible for the outcome of our choices.
We are responsible for the impact on those around us.
We are responsible for what experiences we have with the choices we make.

When we understand the value of being free, we may use our freedom more respectfully.
When we recognize that freedom can yield mistakes and imperfect consequences, we may value rules.
When we live with rules, we recognize they may have value in reminding us of what is right and good.
When we realize freedom is a choice, we learn to be responsible and respectful of our freedoms.

What is the gift and learning in the life I have chosen?
What can I do with what I experience?
How can I utilize the lessons I am learning and teaching?
What is the value of the choices I am making?

Each one of us has lessons to learn and gifts to share.
We are free to use, abuse or confuse ourselves.
We are free to stay awake and be responsible.
The more we choose love, the more trust and freedom we experience.

And so it is, we step away from being imprisoned with doubt, fear and hatred and choose Love.
We find freedom from fear in faith.
We find freedom from pain in joy.
We find freedom from loss in gratitude.

We are free to choose what we think and how we feel.
We are free to choose what to say and to whom.
We are free in what to do and how to do it.
We are free to change our minds at any time.

Live is a gift of freedom that blesses us all.
Loving you with trust and freedom in the paths we choose.
Betty Lue