Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stop Complaining!

I appreciate my mind for thinking about what is Good, Beautiful and Wholesome.
I enjoy my happy thoughts and my appreciative words.
I value the choices I make and the experiences I have.
I feed positive energy to what isGgood, healthy and True.

No Complaints! Appreciate!

Every Complaint is calling for an Appreciation.
Every Negative is begging for a Positive.
Every time you criticize, you need to apologize.
Appreciation is the antidote for criticism and complaints.

You can be sure that speaking about “not enough”: will yield more “not enough”.
You can also be certain that every “appreciation” will yield more to appreciate.
Every time you “want” you are not appreciating what you have.
All human personality expects, demands, strives and pushes for “more”.

Change your words to fully appreciate what you have.
Change your thoughts to more fully value your mind and body.
Change your beliefs to realize how wonderful life is.
Change your behavior to honor and respect what you learn from everyone.

Life can be a trial or a joy.
You can focus on what is wrong and see more wrong.
You can give thanks for what is right and see more right.
Where we turn our focus and energy, we experience more.

The blessings already are.
What we want is already here.
When we are picky, complaining and whining, we cannot see and receive.
When we are filled with gratitude, the fog clears and what we have is what we want.

When conflicted with rights and wrongs, good and bad, love and hate, we experience a mess of both.
When we are clear and see what we want with praise and full appreciation, the abundance of good is here.
The whiners make a habit of whining and critics make a cause of criticism.
Simple forgiveness of our thinking, words and actions will eliminate the hate.

Try no complaining silently or verbally for even a week and see how life changes.
When we drop the habit of seeking the wrongs, mistakes and bad stuff, we open our eyes to the Good.
When we ignore the mistakes and spend time appreciating what we value, we feel richly rewarded.
Life can be Good when we appreciate the Good we have!

When you are speaking about or thinking about negatives, delete and replace with positives.
Stop spending energy on what seems to be bad and start appreciating all the Good.
Fill your day with compliments instead of complaints.
Fill your mind with gratitude instead of being rude.

Celebrate all the ways you related the Goodness Beauty and Kindness in your Life.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue