Thursday, May 21, 2015


I love my home and it nurtures my well being.
I take impeccable care of what I value.
I easily let go of all that is unnecessary or distracting to the best in me.
I choose to live, work and play in spaces that are beautiful, healthy and inspiring.

Your Home Reflects You!

Where you live and spend most time is a reflection of you.
Whether a tent, bedroom, apartment or mansion, it is your personal space.
How you see it, care for it and live will determine how you feel about you.
Be aware that your place to live fills you or depletes your energy.

Homes reflect how we feel about ourselves.
Homes remind us of who and what we think about ourselves.
Homes can distract us or inspire us, depending on  how we feel.
Your home is your place to discover what you believe about you.

Take time to reflect on where you live.
Does it serve your current needs?
Are you safe and comfortable in your home?
Do you feel at peace in your own home?

Bedrooms are a place of rest, peace and quiet.
Does your bedroom help you sleep?
Is your bedroom a safe inviting space to renew?
Undo all the clutter and work reminders in your bedroom.

Kitchens are to be clean and filled with healthy food.
Does your kitchen reflect health and nourishment for you?
Do you open your frig to what is good for you?
Do you have open space to prepare what is healthy for you?

Living Room or Family Rooms are for gathering people to enjoy one another.
Is your living area open and harmonious for all who live in your home?
Is there personal space for everyone to put their own toys and tools?
Does your home encourage cleanliness, order and respect for each person?

Light awakens us to what we are called to be and do.
When the windows are open and lights are on, we can see what needs to be cleaned up.
It is valuable to at least weekly have everyone do a thorough cleaning of the home.
Each person will have their own sense of organization which can happen in their own space.

The clutter in our home reflects clutter in our minds.
The negativity in our relationships may come from the toxic stuff in our homes.
The laziness in our family members often comes from our own lack of  order and organization.
To be clear we must live in a clear space with quiet and time to heal, reflect and be inspired.

The obsessive focus on media and technology interrupts authentic respectful relationship.
You may choose to set down all technology during family times ( meals, early AM and bedtime.)
You may want to create family projects to clear the family spaces kitchen, eating and living rooms.
You may allow each individual to clean and organize their own room their own way.

Begin taking care of what is most important to you.
Ask others what is important to them and support their choices.
Stop all blame and criticism of others until you have your spaces exactly as you prefer.
Then offer assistance and encouragement to others to choose their space their way.

There is no value in criticism or blame, negativity or demands.
There is great value in encouragement and appreciation, positive relating and respect for differences.
Loving each one of us to live in the way we feel most alive, awake and happy.
Betty Lue

Basic Principles of Feng Shui
Everything is alive with vital energy, or Chi
All of the people, places and things that make up our world are have life energy. The things that surround you are alive with the associations, thoughts, memories and judgments (positive or negative) which you hold about them.  This energy can either enhance your personal Chi or drain it. Since everything is talking to you all the time, make sure they have nice things to say.

Your home (or environment) is a direct extension of you.
Where you live and who and what you surround yourself with is a reflection of your thoughts, your values, your choices and your being. The energy of your home or workplace (and each room within it) has immediate and continuing effects on your sense of well-being, your self-esteem and your health. It is impossible to disconnect your energy from the energy of your environment so it is valuable to use these connections in positive and supportive ways.
The Chi in everything is always changing.
The one constant in our world is change. It is important to harmonize the ongoing changes inside yourself with supportive changes in your environment. With consciousness and choice, you can also use changes in your external environment to initiate and support desired changes in yourself.
Practical Feng Shui
Live with what you love.
If you love something and it nourishes you (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually), keep it. If you don’t really love something or have an important use for it, let it go. Guilt, duty, habit or obligation are no reason to hold on to something you don’t really want. Set your energy free from maintaining or focusing on things which are not life enhancing.

Let go of environmental constipation.
Look around you and see what your home is telling you about yourself. Most homes need to be decluttered. Each of us has our own ideal level of “environmental stimulation”. Beyond that, we need to move things through our environment and out the door on a regular basis, just like in our bodies. This creates an enormous freedom of energy which has been wasted on distraction and lack of natural and easy organization.
Express your creativity.
Create an environment in which you are supported in expressing yourself. Creativity of any kind expands and strengthens your vital Chi. Make sure you have at least one room or space in your environment which fosters your full, free, fun and spontaneous expression–which stimulates and inspires you to expand and grow yourself.
Beginner’s Checklist
To enhance the health, harmony, happiness, success and prosperity in your lives, practice the basic creative solutions suggested below to benefit you and your family, your home and your business.

1.  Clear the clutter
Remove everything you no longer need. Clear closets, drawers, corners, under beds, in basements and attics and storage areas including cars, garages and file cabinets.  This is an affirmation of a new healthy and creative beginning for you.  It will energize you and create  more of everything you really want! Everything you own, owns a piece of your energy.

2.  Increase the light
Create more light, both natural and through indirect lighting.  Change light bulbs, increase wattage, open curtains and blinds, add more lighting with spotlights and halogens and under counter fluorescents.  With more light you are more awake and enlightened in your relationships and your choices!

3.  Create loving reminders
What you see and hear reminds you of how to feel, what to think and do.  So eliminate negative, dark, depressing, work or pain-oriented  paintings, posters, or photos.  Make sure you have welcoming and relaxing reminders in the entry, positive relationship reminders in your bedroom, congenial reminders in family or living room, appetizing reminders in your kitchen and dining room.  What you love will love and inspire you!
Feng Shui Favorites for Business and Home

Make your office and home feel warm, welcoming and safe.
Welcoming Entry
Attractive, well lit and clean entry.
Flowers or plants outside the door.  
Clear address, identification or framed name plate on door.
Chimes or bell ringing with entry.
Warm Light
Halogens and indirect lamps in every room. 
No fluorescent overheads.  
Warmth with throws, hand made afghans and pillows. 
Keep the décor resonant and respectful of clientele.
Healing Sounds
Large beautiful rugs on walls for sound absorption.  
Sound machine for white noise.  
Soothing music with no lyrics.  
Fountains symbolize healing and natural flow.
Fresh Air
No fragrances or perfumes.
No incense or room fresheners.
Fans, filters and heaters offer needed air flow.
Keep space well ventilated and clean.
Windows open to see sky, trees and weather.
And/or natural beauty in paintings or photos.
Green plants well cared for.
And/or silk plants, flowers and trees.
Clear clutter and organize.
No dust. Empty garbage daily.
Waiting room simple and clean.
Quality reading material and/or lending library.

Safety and SeatingIdeal placement for feeling safe is facing and far from door. 
Seating which is comfortable and supportive. 
Clean, warm, inviting room décor and unobstructed placement.
Optimum distance between participants.
Security and Respect
Minimize anxiety with clear signage.
If no receptionist, clear signs on doors.
Clocks obvious and be on time.
Tell new clients best place to park, sit and process.
Use mirrors to reflect more space and windows.
Mirror for client to clear face makeup before leaving.
Mirrors to reflect energy back into room.
Be aware of your own reflection, receptive and peaceful.
Own Space
Make your work environment work for you. 
Be aware of your needed healing and healthy reminders.
Surround yourself with what inspires and energizes you.
Keep yourself peaceful and focused.
Minimize distraction.
No interruptions, phone calls or computers.
Clear desk of papers and stuff.
Be present and focused for each person.
When there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person.
When there is beauty in the person, there is harmony in the home.
When there is harmony in the home, there is honor in the nation.
When there is honor in the nation, there is peace in the world.
Chinese Proverb