Thursday, April 02, 2015


I forgive myself for any harm I may have caused anyone anywhere and anytime.
I acknowledge and forgive anyplace conscious or unconscious I have been unloving or unkind.
I relinquish all attack, resentment or limiting beliefs.
I clear any and all unkind thoughts, words and behavior.

Apologies and Amends!

Whatever harm you have done, make amends.
Whatever stories you have told, apologize.
Whatever wrong you have committed, confess your mistakes..
Whatever hurt you have caused, do whatever you can to heal it.

It may never be enough to the ones who were hurt or humiliated, but you can begin to heal yourself.
It may never right the wrong, but you can acknowledge what was your true intention.
It may never clear the guilt and shame, hurt and pain, but you can begin to forgive yourself.
It may never be enough to clean up the loss, separation and upset. But begin to do the work.

Life gives us opportunities to heal and reveal the hidden truth
Life teaches us lessons of right and wrong, so we can learn to listen to our conscience.
Life shows us what works and doesn’t work, so we can make smart choices.
Life shines a light on what is good for one and all, so we can choose with compassion.

We all can make amends for our ignorance.
We can make apologies for being inconsiderate.
We can stop telling hurtful stories on ourselves and others.
We can give up name-calling, shaming and blaming.

We all can stop the fad of crude language and disrespectful communication.
We can each put at end to negative trends which offend.
We can individually stop hiding from the secrets of our past.
We can become aware, confess, and forgive the foolish errors.

Whenever we feel guilt, we can forgive ourselves.
When we feel resentment, we can forgive ourselves
When we feel hurt, we can forgive ourselves.
When we feel foolish, we can forgive ourselves.

Forgiveness is key to undoing what seemed to be.
Forgiveness erases what was and allows love to flow.
Forgiveness is letting go of the blocks to love’s flow.
Forgiveness gives us the freedom and make things right again.

When will we mend the separation?
When will we stop humiliation?
When we begin honest conversation?
When will we choose reparation?

There is so much healing we can do.
Let us start with me and you.
Forgiving all errors in my mind, words and behavior,…for myself and all humanity.
Forgiveness sets us free to begin again.
Betty Lue