Sunday, March 01, 2015

Where Are You?

I am in the right place and the right time doing the right thing.
I make a difference simply in being me.
Life supports my in living well and giving love.
I love living life my way.

Be Where You Are!

Be where you are.
You are free to be.
You are right where you are called to be.
You are a gift right here and now.

When you miss being and seeing the good, you feel disappointed.
When you have lost the quality of appreciation, you may feel discouraged.
When you are not giving your gifts, you may feel depressed and alone.
When you are seeking something or somewhere else, you may feel lacking and insignificant.

Be where you are.
Give all you can give.
Do what is yours to be done.
Live as though your thoughts, words and deeds matter.

You are making a difference.
The difference you make can be positive or negative.
The challenge in life is to wait on no one and live now.
The invitation in life is to step up and give now.

Wherever you are, Be All You Are.
Whatever you do, give All to All.
However you live, live well with yourself.
Whenever you choose, follow your joy.

Live as though today matters.
Because how you live matters everyday.
Give your best to everyone, including yourself.
Because giving is your way to recognize the value of your life.

Find Joy in living life your way everyday.
Be content with what you have.
Be grateful for where you are.
Appreciate who you are.

Honorable closure or completion sets us free to move on.
Acknowledge what you have learned.
Make amends for what you regret.
Be aware of remaining challenges.
Appreciate the blessings of what has been.

When you are free, you will see the next step.
When you are complete, you will move on,
When you are trusting, you will let go.
When you are happy, you will know where to go.

I am here always with joy and gratitude,
Betty Lue

“Give yourself to Love.
And Love will give to you.
Live your life with Trust.

And Trust will see you through.”