Friday, March 27, 2015

Pain and Problems

I seek and find the way that works for me.
I relinquish all need to complain, criticize and worry.
I allow myself the freedom to choose what I can do.
I trust the power of love with wisdom within me to easily solve all problems each day.

Stop Covering Up the Pain

Stop pretending and see what is really there.
Stop covering up the holes and fill them up.
Stop numbing yourself and face what is missing.
Stop being lazy and get to work.

In a world of quick fixes, we often want a pill or pleasure.
In a world of experts, we often want someone else to give us the answer.
In a world of specialists, we may seek another to do the fixing.
In a world where we play victim, we often seek others to blame.

It is time we face our problems.
It is time we see what is wrong.
It is time we look for original cause.
It is time we start taking responsibility.

Most solutions for problems are based on what we can do ourselves.
Most problems have come from not taking care of the basics.
Most people have forgotten or never learned how to be responsible.
Most of life, liberty and happiness is available now.

Have you loved yourself today?
Have you appreciated where you live?
Have you shared the food you have?
Have you gone to work and helped someone else?

Do you know how to prepare a simple meal, wash your clothes and make your bed?
This is what an 8 yr old can easily do.
Do you pick up your clothes and put your stuff away everyday?
This is what a one year old can easily learn to do.

Do you do your chores without a fuss, resistance or resentment?
This is what a 4 year old can easily do with encouragement and love.
Do you answer people with respectful words, saying “please” and ”thank you”?
This is what every little child learns from listening to respectful adults.

Have you learned how to love easily and well?
Have you learned to use your body with appreciation and kindness?
Have you done the work you need to do each day to feel good about your accomplishment?
Have you taken time to really value who you are, where you live and what you do?

When you look at your life, do you see what you can do?
Ask YourSelf each day how you can respond to each area of pain and/or problems.
Look at your life as a university to learn how to respond to life’s lessons.
Observe, study and practice what works to find your path to alleviate pain and problems.

Learn from everything and everyone, all the time.

Appreciating us all  as we learn from one another and from ourselves,
Betty Lue