Tuesday, March 03, 2015


I live with joy as my light.
I learn with love along the way.
I give with gratitude as my gift.
I rest in peace with the Good I have.

Guideposts Along The Way

Joy is our guiding Light.
Love is the Way.
Peace gives us reassurance.
Gratitude is our Gift everyday.

When we listen to Spirit to find our way, we live in love everyday.
When we follow guidance, we hear in our heart and know peace is our holy part.
When we live from the core of our being with joy, we release what is not true.
When we look for guideposts along the way, we find forgiveness and integrity as our path.

One step at a time with consciousness in mind …..this is the way.
Our daily commitment to give the good we know….this is our choice.
A spiritual practice with reminders of what’s true.….this is our work.
Always remembering to love me and love you…..we recognize the good we each do.

So many times we get lost along the way.
We get frightened and discouraged.
We get distracted and depressed.
We get hurt, angry and sad.

But all it takes is to make new choices at the beginning of each day.
We can always begin all over again.
Learn what we learn and make new choices with conscience as our guide.
Listen to your heart and follow the way that is true with no harm to anyone.

Life offers us blessings in everything.
Love leads the way to find inner peace.
Joy tells us we are on the right path.
Gratitude is our gift to complete each step.

Wake up calls come with upsets and interruptions.
These too give us pause to correct our ways.
With lack of love and joy and peace, we know we are off path.
When we experience what is not working, we know we are off purpose.

This is our most powerful opportunity to forgive and choose again.
Upsets are valuable to remind us to stop, listen and make amends.
To right our course, we must simply seek the way of peace.
To be on purpose, we must remember what our purpose is.

So what is it my friend?
Are you willing to see the guiding light of joy?
Are you willing to know the safety of living in love?
Are you willing to walk the path of peace?

Let us begin to listen, love, learn and let go together,
Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue