Saturday, February 21, 2015

You Make a Difference

Everyday in every way I make a difference.
I use my life to make my world a better place.
I trust myself to be a blessings wherever I Am.
I give my best to everyone in every encounter.

You Make a Difference

We can fill each other with goodness.
We can drain each other with criticism.
We can change our world with kindness.
We can damage our world with meanness.

Everyone of us is making a difference.
The more conscious we are, the more influence we have.
The more ignorant we are, the more we can hurt others.
It requires listening to our conscience consistently to make our world a better place.

We can improve our lives with more inspiration.
We can better our minds with more education.
We can strengthen our bodies with better nutrition.
We can enhance our relationships with more forgiveness.

We can improve our quality of life with more focus and care.
We can prosper our finances with more saving and less spending.
We can change our home with conscientious attention.
We can increase our well-being with choice and commitment.

We have the tools we need, when we are responsible for their use.
We have the ability to better ourselves and others.
We have the awareness to change what we can change.
We have the clarity to listen to what we think and say and do.

All of us have the power tools for success.
Each one of us can make the difference in our own lives.
Everyone has access to what will work to experience improvement.
Life is about using what we have for never-ending and constant improvement.

We are here to make a difference.
We are here to do more than to get more.
We are here to do more than to just talk.
We are here give more than we are given to.

Life is our experimental laboratory to see what works for us and all.
When we are awake and aware, we can see what is working daily.
When we are sleeping on the job, we neglect and forget to tend to our lives.
Our life is of great value, when we value the life we are given.

Use each daily well and you will be well.
Spend each moment wisely and you will gain in wisdom.
Live each moment consciously and you will attain a higher state of consciousness.
Contribute all you have and you will experience true prosperity.

Be the difference you want to see.

Loving you for making a difference for all of us!
Betty Lue

A simple process for you to use~
Your Power Tools for Success

Power Tools
Clarity                Erase doubt and fear.
Communication  Be self-aware.
Choice                Be at cause.
Change               Trust the unknown.
Commitment       Wholeheartedly go for it.
Contribution        Give what has heart & meaning.
Celebration         Appreciate & enjoy the good in life.

Seven Steps To Success
Vision                  See it                 Imaging Your Desired Outcome
Faith                   Believe it           Self-Confidence & Trust
Passion               Desire it            Desire & Enthusiasm
Commitment       Choose it           Persistence & Determination
Strategy              Plan it                Planning & Preparation
Action                 Go for it             Willingness & Taking Action
Gratitude            Enjoy it              Appreciation & Acknowledgment

I clearly see....

I know....

I desire....

I choose....

I am prepared....

Today I am committed to....

This week I am committed to....

This month I am committed to....

This year I am committed to....

“Give yourself to Love.

And Love will give to you.

Live your life with Trust.

And Trust will see you through.”