Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ways to Love

I love with all my mind and heart.
I demonstrate love with the intention of my words.
I give time and trust and generosity and joy.
I live the Love I know within me and you and all.

There are many languages of love.
When you love your beloved with your love language, they may not get the message.
When others love you with their love language, you may not get it.
When we all are for getting to love ourselves with our love language, you may not even know love.

Experimenting with loving is the key.
When you do not know how to love or feel loved, experiment.
When you do not know, try something new and observe what will work.
Never assume there is no way, because it will block the flow of love.

Love is a flow.
Love is a language.
Love is a gift.
Love is an experience.

When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
When you don’t know how to love, look, listen and learn.
When there is upset and anger, fear and judgment, love will be resisted.
When you quit on love, you will block your mind and heart from getting what is given.

Love is complex because it is defined in a variety of ways.
Some feel love as an emotion or chemistry.
Some hear love as words of affirmation and tone of voice.
Some see love as service, helpfulness and acts of kindness.

When we try to “get” love our way and “get” love their way, we miss their giving.
When we wish to hear loving words, but receive a gift, we may not hear it.
When we want some special time alone and get a rose instead, we may not feel the love.
Everyone receives love differently in their own unique way.

Try offering all five love languages and observe which one works the best.
1) Gifts
2) Quality time together
3) Affection and touch
4) Acts of service
5) Affirming and loving words

For those who don’t combine love languages well….
Consider a special card and flowers with loving words written inside.
Take making your beloved their favorite meal or restaurant food with hugs and kisses too!
Try out listening and watching to see what they respond well too.
(And if you cannot figure it out ask directly or go online to do the assessment at

The other tip is to notice what they do for you to show they love!
What you do for others is usually the way you want to be loved.
Gifts, Acts of Service, Affection and Touch, Affirming Words, and Quality Time.
See for assessment and more info.
Make sure you let them know what pleases you the most as well.

For some of us, having our love received is our greatest affirmation of love.
When we know our love works by teaching and touching we feel loved.
Love yourself and one another and I know I am Loved.
Smiling with unconditional Love for You!

Betty Lue