Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Remember To Play

Play begins in me everyday with these Loving Reminders.
I remember to be happy and grateful for each day I create.
I open my heart and choose to love and laugh daily.
Work becomes play when I let Love lead the way.

Play is creating with imagination, words and pretending.
Play is allowing your mind to be free.
Play is bring more joy in your heart.
Play is relinquishing fear and worry.

Use play to open your heart.
Use play to appreciate what is.
Use play to expand your mind.
Use play to practice what you want.

When people become “adulterated”, they forget the freedom of creating.
When people are judgmental, they lose the ability to see clearly.
When people are stressed and worrying, they get stuck in defensiveness.
When people are focused on others’approval, they lose the ability to simply enjoy themselves.

Spend time with children and watch them play.
Spend time with yourself doing what you love.
Spend time in nature and enjoy the beauty.
Spend time creating with art, music and words.

Laugh more and Love more.
Children enjoy laughing.
Laughter lightens hearts and minds.
Love feels safe and warm and healing.

Use play to give yourself a break.
Use play to unwind from stress.
Use play to remember being young.
Use play to create openness and joy.

Often adults get stuck in seriousness.
The world in media seems heavy and harmful.
The world in imagination can be light and beneficial.
The images we place in our minds heal all things.

Take time to play.
Add play to your work.
Stretch, dance, hum and wiggle.
Look around and smile.

All goodness comes from within.
Choose to play with thoughts and words and behavior.
Set yourself free to be really you.
Betty Lue