Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Be True to You!

I do as I feel guided to do.
I live each day true to my calling.
I support myself by focusing on Love.
I trust in the choices I make.
When you know who you are, you will love yourself.
When you live what you know, you will respect yourself.
When you do as you are guided, you will trust yourself.
When you love, trust and respect yourself, you will be whole and happy and free.

This is the secret to a good life.
This is how life is fun, safe and easy.
This is how you can be content and at peace.
This is the way home to your True and Authentic Self.

Love, trust and respect yourself.
There is no magic.
There is the willingness to learn.
There is the need for work, consistency and persistence.

Life begins when you choose to begin really living.
Life begins when you are willing to listen within.
Life begins when you live with the values you know.
Life begins when you clear the fear and resistance.

Stop malingering and get busy.
Stop neglecting your work and start now.
Stop blaming and shaming yourself and others.
Start by forgiving the past and begin right now.

Live today the way you say you want to live.
Give right now the best you have and even better.
Be today who you wish you could be.
Trust today that life is the gift you give to yourself.

Only You can deny yourself anything.
Only you can stop withholding Love from you.
Only you can doubt you can do what you set out to do.
Only You can change your mind and undo the lethargy and fear.

Clear the way and choose again.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just get up and do it.
Stop making excuses and do what you know is yours to do.
Be the beautiful, good and inspired being you are called to be.

You can do this!
One hour at a time.
One day at a time.
This is your day, your month and your year.

I believe in YOU!
Betty Lue

Talk to me and I will respond, because YOU MATTER TO ME!

You can change your world, beginning with YOURSELF!