Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Light In You

I love to give Love and celebrate Love.
I shine the Light within me.
Sharing the Light and Love is a gift to me everyday.
I give the Love I Am in every thought I have, every word I say and every deed I do.

Christmas Eve and so much more!!

We each see the holiday of Christ Mass in our own tradition, beliefs and best understanding.
Each one of us practice the Light within this time of year and the giving of Love with celebration.
We all are on our own journey of remembrance and awakening to the Light within us and around us.
We may have glimpses in helping others, a child’s innocence, a kind connection or gentle hug.

We can be reminded with scripture or prayerful affirmations, a candle-lighting ceremony or songs of joy.
With a hymn of gratitude, people sharing a meal or Christmas gifts, we can awaken to the real Light in us.
Light, Energy, Creation, Giving, Consciousness, All live within us.
Light or Creative Energy is our gift of Love from Source, Higher Power, God,,  Creator, the Universe and Great Mystery.

I know we all have different beliefs and theology.
I know we all celebrate in different ways and traditions.
I know what causes joy to some may bring up unhappy memories to others.
We have the choice to rejoice  with others or grieve in our loneliness.

Traditions can be changed and rearranged.
What used to be one celebration with a united family may now be juggling many or none.
From divorce, aging and death, rejection and abandonment, there may be separation and devastation.
Consider creating your own family celebration with others just like you.

So what do you do?
Plan to have enlightened connections and conversations each day of the year.
Consider what you want to do and invite others to join you.
Reach out to someone who has no one and make them feel welcomed and loved.
Give your best to yourself and others during times of stress and separation.

Find what works best for you.
Watching shows on television to inspire you.
Bringing some extra cheer to those working on Christmas Day.
Taking a neighbor some homemade goodies or hot meal.
Singing favorite songs or carols aloud with happy past memories.
Making phone calls to friends and family you haven’t seen in years.
Visiting a nursing home on Christmas day to share some joy with staff and residents.
Writing cards of Gratitude and love to those you miss.

It takes so little to do so much.
Everyone can benefit from your prayer.
Everyone will feel the caring in your sharing.
Everyone will know the Love you are giving.

Each human being has value.
Everyone deserves to know their worth.
Continue to love all beginning with you.
Be kind to others today and everyday and you will know the Light in You.

Loving you, as I receive your Love for me and all,
Betty Lue

I am wishing you always and only the Light and Love in me to remind you of the Light and Love within you.
Yes, you too are here to remember and be a Loving Reminder for others to see and celebrate in You.

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Also you can see and listen to our Sunday servicem all our workshop without obligations.

We are here for you.
Call or email. 800-919-2392.  I always respond personally.
With respectful loving kindness, let us know your needs.
Loving you with what is true, Betty Lue

Love always Love!
Dare to care about you!!
Then You can care for everyone, too.

Betty Lue