Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Light In the Darkness

I seek only inspiration and delight in my life.
I follow the path of Love within.
I live in trust and freedom as I go.
I serve always and only the Good I know.

When there is light shining, the darkness disappears.
Where there is love flowing, fear is diminished.
How we can be present is to focus on what is now.
Where we can go for inspiration is within our own heart.

Taking time to listen within requires the time to be quiet.
Making room for love to fill us requires that we erase the blocks.
Willing to see what is here asks that we look around us.
When we desire to be enlightened, we must uncover our eyes.

Perception is in the eyes of the beholder.
When we look for dark, we must turn down the light.
When we listen for meaninglessness, we lose our focus on meaning.
When we are caught up in fear and worry, we squeeze out the hope.

Problem solvers seek for problems to solve.
Fear mongers collect the fears and serve them.
Needy ones focus on their own neediness.
Those in pain often seek only to numb themselves.

How do we find the light and follow where it leads?
Where do we go to allow the love to flow>
How can we be in a way that sets us free?
When do we listen to the love in our hearts?

The finish line is Love.
The starting line is Hope.
The walk between is Faith.
Follow the Light however it leads you Home.

Inspiration is the guiding light.
Trust gives us courage to continue.
Freedom is the joy of discovery.
Love is the reward  of listening within.

Do you see the Light?
It comes with joy and fun and insight and hope.
Are you enlivened by the simplest moment of Love?
When we are innocent we can see and feel again.

Do you forgive everyone and everything all the time, including yourself?
Are you clearing the obstacles along the way?
Do you trust there is a place of peace inside you in all you think and do?
Are you a happy willing learner to follow the light with freedom and trust?

I love You, wherever you are whatever you do.
I am loving you, always, 
Betty Lue

I am here in prayer, via email or skype, on the phone or in person.
You can listen and watch our Sunday talks at our Unity Center for Inspired Living.
You can listen to every workshop we offer on line or download.
I intend to serve only and always Love.
Do not let distance, money or denial keep you from seeking the connection you want.
Love is the way home.
I am truly Loving and serving you with Love, only and always Love.

Love always Love!
Dare to care about you!!
Then You can care for everyone, too.

Betty Lue