Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gifts of Love

I give Love with respect for the receiver.
I receive Love with appreciation for the giver.
I honor all I give and receive with true Love.
I celebrate my life of giving All I Am and All I have.

How does Love reveal itself?
Is it with gifts or acts of service?
Is it with quality time or signs of affection?
Is it with words of affirmation and gratitude?

Everyone hears and feels Love differently.
No two people are the same.
Each one of us receives Love in our own unique way.
Some do not trust Love at All.

You have your own unique preferences for Love.
Touch, time, service, gifts or words.
Depending on how you were loved in infancy and childhood you will :get you are loved in your own way.
Notice what you want from others to know you are truly loved.

When a person wants Love they usually give what they want to receive.
When you want to give love to another, you usually give what you would want.
If each person is giving their own form of loving, the gift may not be received.
It is important to learn to give what is wanted by others.

Make no assumptions about Love.
Don’t take Lack of Love personally.
Keep your agreements about Loving.
Always give your best when extending Love.

You don’t know what othes want to receive from you.
You can ask them what they want, but they may not know or tell.
You can observe what others respond to when you give with love.
You can try giving affection, words, gifts, service and time to see what works.

When someone feels guilty or unworthy, they may resist and deny your love.
When someone feels hurt or angry, they may push away your love.
When someone feels scared or afraid of being hurt, they may run away from your love.
When someone feels depleted and used, they may not want to feel obligated to love you in return.

Much is written and talked about loving and giving.
Some fits and is easy to apply.
Some feels phony and is filled with potential pitfall.
When we care, we simple are and share the best we have.

Love with respect for the other.
Offer Love without expectation.
Give Love without obligation.
Live Love with openness and appreciation.

Be the Gift of Love YOU Are.
I am Loving You. 
Betty Lue

The Human Touch
’Tis the human touch
in this world that counts,
The touch of your hand and mine,
Which means far more
to the fainting heart
Than shelter and bread and wine.
For shelter is gone
when the night is o’er,
And bread lasts only a day.
But the touch of the hand
And the sound of the voice
Sing on in the soul always.