Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dare to Share!

I care enough to do my very best.
I do what I can to create a better world.
I share what I have to bring hope to humanity.
My happiness and well being depend on my Caring!

Today and everyday, let us each share the best we have.
This coming year let us pledge to care about each other.
Let 2015 be a time to remember and remind our brothers.
When we come together as family, the world will change.

Our lives are a creation of conscience and choice.
Our words are a song of celebration and voice.
Our hands make the world work together in time.
Our heart join as One in harmony and rhyme.

We can change our lives when we dare to share.
We transform our world when we care to share.
We make a difference when we give all we have.
We live at peace when we forgive and release.

It takes just one to begin the parade.
Life calls to you to step up and begin.
Your Spirit knows the way to lead.
Your Heart feels the hungry mouths to feed.

Dare to share your words of love and praise.
Dare to share the food you make with those who hunger.
Dare to share the shelter you have with other families.
Dare to share the money you have to house and feed, teach and inspire.

If you look out for others, the children and elders, you will change families.
If you comfort the sick and grieving, you will bring joy to their hearts.
If you take time to feed even one family, you will change anger to gratitude
If you inspire with songs and poems and stories of hope, you will lift up humanity.

How fun, safe and easy can it be to give to humanity? is a place to make individual small loans which are paid back to be loaned again.
We personally invest $25 monthly loaned to hundreds in 38 countries so far and another each month.
It is always paid back to be loaned again for another business, education, agriculture or community.

We offer our healing, counseling, coaching, learning services on a contribution basis.
We never turned anyone away due to lack of funds for the last almost 38 years of professional practice.
We share the best we have for all sincere requests for help with the work we do.
We encourage independent, self-motivated, self-disciplined and sincere people to live their potential.

We have founded and facilitated 26 non profit centers in five states, CA, MI, NC, IN, MT.
We have invited and mentored hundreds of holistic healing practitioners, spiritual teachers and therapists.
We have taught, counseled and coached thousands of folks, for the singular purpose of more Good.
We have worked and built, travelled and taught to share the Good we have received in this life.

How about you?
Join us in changing our world, one relationship at a time.
Each and everyone integral to the Well-being of the Greater Whole.
You matter to me individually and personally.

Dare to care and share.
Give your very best to build a better world!
Loving and trusting you,
Betty Lue

Dear Friends and Family of Humanity,

We are called to be channels of giving and Loving Kindness.
When we give, we are blessed and prospered by our gifts.
More comes naturally as we receive all Good and only Good.
As we continue Giving, the Gifts Expand with our Gratitude.

Robert and I donate over 50% of our personal income to create more good in our world.
100% of all contributions to  Reunion are used for the centers and all volunteer programs
We build centers for counseling and healing and families for about $10,000 initially.
We financially support them until they pay for themselves with individual using and sharing space plus community contributions.
Then we build another Center, as we recently did with Reunion Family Center.

100% of everything given to Reunion is given to programs, spaces and families.
Everything you contribute to Reunion will benefit those who are seeking to better their lives.
Right now we are using all donations to sponsor children for Study Buddies Program.
The Family Center opens after school for school age children to do homework and study.
$50/month will sponsor one child.

The Family Center has room for homework help, one room for arts and crafts,  one for quiet reading and rest, a kitchen where healthy snacks and homemade soup + fresh fruits and veggies. Also a living room for games and conversation. Besides the after school program, every Friday Night is Family night for family movies, crafts, games, open mic fun and special programs.  Saturday mornings we offer a workshop for parents, time for the volunteers to meet and work parties.  A Kid’s garden is being prepared for spring planting. Outside we have a basketball court and more will come as needed.
Everything is being funded and facilitated by volunteers and donations.

Give where your gift counts.
Give to what inspires you.
Give to what creates more Love.
You make a BIG difference, when you Give.

Give All to All to Have All.
The miracle you receive is more joy and more to give.

If you are called to give to the Family Center a tax deductible gift, please use your Pay Pal account to contribute to or send your donation to Reunion Family Center, PO Box 302, Middletown, CA 95461

If you are called to give to children and families where you live, give money and time to local schools, after school programs or start your own.
I will happily mentor you in whatever you choose to do for the benefit of all around you.
When and where we give must come from our heart and be given with the pure joy of giving.
With Gratitude from Betty Lue and Robert and all the kids and families we each touch and teach everyday.

Love always Love!
Dare to care about you!!
Then You can care for everyone, too.

Betty Lue