Thursday, November 04, 2004

What Now?

There are many negative feelings, comments and criticisms being cast about with futility.
I prefer to ask myself:
What does the election result mean to me? And What can I do now?

What the results mean to me has little to do with the candidates and the political parties and more to do with the American people, our people.
Our people have voted, more voters of all ages and backgrounds than ever before.
When I spent three hours calling voters late election day, I found no one who had not voted. I am grateful so many American citizens voted.

What do their votes say?
Are they voting for the most confident, most popular person or the continuation of what we have?
The American people have voted…for what?
Our people across the country split their vote (51-48%) to encourage conservative politics.
Our people voted to maintain a president who called us to war.
Our people voted to expand our war on terrorism.
Our people voted to dis-allow gay marriage and civil union in 11 states and other moral and religious issues.
Our people voted for a continuation for what we have had for four years.
Our people voted for our current economic strategies and level of unemployment.
Our people seems to be afraid of differences and afraid of changes.

When people are afraid, they usually do not trust change.
When people are afraid, they usually increase trust in their leaders and doctors and attorneys.
When people are afraid, they often have confused and dependent thinking.
When people are afraid, they often do not see the light.
When people are afraid, they often are in denial of what is really happening.
When people are afraid, they lean on clear confident directives.
When people are afraid, they don’t trust strangers.
When people are afraid, they look for familiar faces, words and ideals.
When people are afraid, they trust handling what has been but will not trust the unknowns of change.
When people are afraid, they feel guilty about their mistakes and try to cover or make the best of it.
When people are afraid, they seek more dark than light, more conservative than liberal, more restrictions than freedom, more problems than solutions, more lack than prosperity, more isolation than cooperation.

Our people are afraid.
The American people are not yet, as resilient and fearless, as faithful and trusting, as forgiving and peace-loving, as I once idealized.
Perhaps we grew complacent during the “good times” and fell into fear in the bad times.
Perhaps we need to hit bottom before we can seek the light.
Perhaps we need to allow the cycle of disintegration to complete itself before healing and reintegration can occur.
Perhaps it just is not time yet for the light to dawn in our minds and love to grow in our hearts.
Some have predicted four more years of continuing conservatism, dependency and penance for our past mistakes, before the emergence of true forgiveness and a return to natural respect and responsibility and cooperation for our planetary family.

My loving Reminders are always about what I can do.
My whole life is about what I can do.
What about you? What can you do?
You can increase fear with more judgments and anger or you can encourage healing with patience, forgiveness and willingness.
You can make more enemies or build friendships and community one person at a time.
You can become bitter and isolated or create opportunities to join.
You can mend fences with the lines of animosity drawn or you can take down the barriers and seek common ground.
You can seek freedom with responsibility.
You can invite peace to every conflict.
You can open doors to increased wisdom and light.
You can respond to all calls for hate with calls for understanding.
You can give your best to everyone, not just the favored ones.
You can bring the light you have and give the Love your are.
I know you. This is your function and our hope.
Betty Lue