Saturday, November 06, 2004

Impeccable Self-Care for my “Abundant” Life

I am often asked how I accomplish so much or how I manage my life.
The ones asking may feel envy, guilt, frustration or simply be curious.
I see my life as full not busy.
I see my life as spiritually abundant not financially prosperous.
I see my life is healthy for me and not what others are called to live.
I know that my attitude, beliefs and habits are responsible for my energy, effectiveness and joy.
I know where I am free of judgment and fear, there is always a way.
I know where I am grateful and helpful, I can accomplish much with little time and energy.
I know where I am conscious and willing, I receive from everything I give and do.
I know where I am trusting and respectful, I am supported and valued.
I know where I am loving and at peace, my whole life works for me no matter the obstacles.
I know where I choose what I value, I experience my value and the value of my life.

Every day is different but yesterday may be fairly typical.
Arise at 3AM , shower, send out reminders.
Leave at 3:30 arriving at Gia’s by 4:30AM, when her Papa leaves for work.
Take time to prep breakfast, make daily schedule and nap.
Gia up, breakfast and check in with homework, piano lesson and games.
Take her to school 8:20AM and work in classroom until 10:30AM
Home by 11:30 and prepare fresh salad and veggies for lunch.
Clients, phone calls, business and writing.
Some days there are groups, phone coaching, errands,
Personal time for walking, swimming and reading.
My house is clean, organized, and peaceful with beauty.
Quality time with Robert at meal time and late evening.
Everyday schedule varies and I am flexible and focused.
Time is used efficiently with purpose and direction.
Each relationship is given total attention as is every activity.
My life is freeing with trust, creativity and contribution

My chosen keys to easy efficiency and joy-filled effectiveness.
I live my purpose: “Giving the Best I know.”
I waste no time on social interaction or idle conversation.
I seek the highest outcome in all activities.
I hold a vision of simple, safe, fun and easy living.
I give without withhold and love without condition.
I support myself with positive thinking and healthy habits.
I am concise and direct in my communications.
I maintain a quiet mind, when I am listening both outside and within.
I am flexible and adaptable to ever-changing circumstances.
I maintain high energy by forgiving my opinions, judgments and concerns.
I respect and care for my whole self.
I trust in the Higher Power that works in me and through me.
I take impeccable care of my home and work environment.
I use simple business and personal life practices.
I answer my own phone and correspondence and handle both business matters and finances.
I stay connected spiritually and flow with what is inspiring and on purpose.

Remember this is my chosen life, lived according to my values and purpose.
Choose your life and live it your way…and you will learn and be blessed,
Betty Lue