Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Renewable Lease on Life

Our leases are renewable.
Every day we have an opportunity to begin again.
So here I am signing up for another year, another adventure, another opportunity.
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me do?
Whom would You have me meet?
And what would You have me say?

Everyday in everyway, we are given the chance to play the game of life.
How well we play has nothing to do with how long we stay.

Some are bored. Some feel limited.
Some are excited. Some are scared.
Some are fighters. Some are lovers.
Some healers, some sages, some teachers, some preachers.
Each one of us has a role to play.
Some change our roles everyday.

With a new lease on life, I can choose how to decorate my life.
I can change my diet, my friends, my activities, my thoughts.
I can change my clothes, my habits, my finances, my studies.
I can change my beliefs, my attitudes and my goals.
I am free to be the unlimited being I Am.

The one constant true for me, throughout all eternity is who I Be.
I Am Love.
Love is unlimited.
Love is trusting the Source, Love ItSelf.
Love is freeing all aspects of Love.
Love is creating new ways to Love.
Love is expressive and extends Itself freely.
Love is I AM, loving me.

Ask yourself, Who are you really?
What are you called to do, to go, to share, to know?

I am here to love those who come my way.
Where I place myself is mine to say.
And so I choose to love you, each and everyone.
Life is a renewable resource, a lease to have fun.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I am off to Asheville NC to visit my Mom and friends for 11 days.
I will return to the keyboard when I get home on 8/30.