Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Are You Responsible?

Dependent on someone or something and it is going nowhere?
Attached to having things your way?
Complaining about something that isn’t happening?
Being constantly upset about a difficult relationship?
Banging your head against a wall until you hurt?

Could be a product of your stubbornness and need to be right.
Could be the outcome of your false dependency?
Could be your belief in your inadequacy and fear?
Could be you think you know what’s best?
Could be not wanting to grow up and take responsibility for your life?

If asked for simple keys to spiritual enlightenment,
I would say stop blaming and start being responsible.
If asked how to build a world of freedom and peace,
I would say respect all life by taking responsibility for your thoughts, your words and your activities..
If asked to teach what works on earth,
I would teach respect, responsibility and freedom build true cooperation.

See what is beneath the surface.
Look again.
Honor the mystery in all things.
Treat yourself and all life as sacred.
Do no harm.
Be kind with your thoughts, your words and your behavior.

Be able to respond to what shows up.
Take impeccable care of your life so you can handle whatever comes your way.
Acknowledge mistakes and use them to learn.
Judge no ones’ errors, but rather learn from them.
Treat everyone with the same consideration you would want from them.

The right and privilege of pursuing life, liberty and happiness.
The consciousness to choose what is highest and best.
The willingness to allow your inner voice to guide you.
Letting Love lead the way.
Honoring a life path which inspires and offers opportunities to heal, learn and serve.

Peace and Goodwill for All.
Living in harmony with all life.
Working together for the good of all concerned.
Encouraging the best in everyone.
Creating an environment in which each one sees themselves as integral to the whole.

My focus for my life is to inspire respect, responsibility, freedom and cooperation.

May it be my joy and my life,
Betty Lue