Sunday, August 31, 2003

Paradise on Earth

(Written on the last day of our two weeks on retreat and renewal of Spirit.
Hope you have been reading my daily reminders on

Hawaii is a culture of diverse peoples and traditions.
The earth meets the sea with beauty and grace, strength and intensity.  
The sky meet the sea with the color of peace and spiritual expression.  
The blues are as varied as are the greens.  
Blues symbolize peace and greens connote Love.  
Many forms of peace and love are ever present on Hawaii.
Here on the Big Island, there are many opportunities to learn and heal, to awaken and give.

Some awarenesses we have had during our days of stress free living were:
Beauty and bounty are everywhere.  They merely await our notice and enjoyment.
Opportunities for giving are ever present.  It is easy to give where you are received with love.
You need have very little when you love so much.  Empty living causes one to want to get more things.
The richness of the earth and sea feeds body and soul.  When we honor the plenty that is free, we are free.
Time means nothing when each moment offers everything.  To fully receive the gift of each moment is to experience true prosperity.
Life is for giving.  When we give, we are healed and whole.
Listen within to know who and how to serve.  Every relationship is for the purpose of healing.
Respect your elders.  Honor and care for wise ones to learn respect.
Children need not be unhappy when being loved.  To care for each child with love begets more Love.
There is enough for all.  Use what we have wisely and with gratitude and there is always enough for everyone.
Living is easy, when we heal our real needs.

Loving you, Betty Lue