Monday, March 30, 2020

We Need You

We need you. 
We need you to forgive yourself and all of us.  
It is not just one. 
It is all.  

Forgive and wash away all the illusion, the madness the fear.  
We must clear the cloud of unconsciousness and misunderstanding. 
We have lost out way and forgotten the light. 
 Please shine your holy healing light on everyone everywhere.  

We are being called to let it all go and remember our Essence, the purpose for which we came.  
You are a Light Worker. 
Let us all roll up our sleeves and blow away the clouds of darkness.  

I see You. I know You and I love You.  
It is time!  

The blessings already are when we awaken from our dream of unconsciousness.
May it be you and I together.
Forgive us all.
Remember Love and Return to Wholeness.
Betty Lue