Thursday, March 19, 2020

Spring Into Spring!

I bless each day and each day blesses me.
I breathe in new life and receive the magic of NOW!
I see the cycles and seasons with amazement and gratitude.
I love life and live loves me.

Springing Into Spring
Let Spring bring hope of renewal!

Today is the first day of Spring!
Happy day today and every day!
Are you willing to feel the renewal?
Are you open to receive with delight?

Every day is a gift for us to fully live.
Every day is an opportunity to Love.
Each day gives us the precious moments of renewal.
Today, this day, celebrate with joy and gratitude for your life!

I still remember the first days of Spring weather in Michigan as a child.
It wasn’t the date that mattered, but the first day to wear only a sweater and relinquish the heavy coat.
I felt light and free, happy and full of energy, almost new again with love in my heart.
I know what it feels like to see the first daffodils and jonquils and beautiful tulips.

Can you feel the increasing light and the longer days?
Are you enjoying more time to play outside and enjoy the sun?
Do you appreciate the sounds of the birds and maybe the first robins?
The renewing life comes with more light and warmth, freedom and movement.

I can hardly wait for the warmth of summer and vacation time with grandchildren.
I love the budding of the leaves and the many shades of fluorescent green to feed my senses.
I totally enjoy the smell of the fogged the chill the air as the sun shines through the clouds.
I celebrate the earth and the rich change of seasons for us all to recognize our own changes.

What will you do with this spring?
Will you stay inside cozy and lazy or get out and walk, touch the leaves and see the sky?
Will you dance a jig and sing a song, smiling at the beauty around you in everything you see.?
Will you start a new project, take on a challenge and learn something new and exciting?

The happiest way to grow is to know that spring is giving her very best show for you to enjoy.
What you look for you will see if you open you hands and heart, your eyes and ears.
You will find more than you imagine, if you are patient and willing to receive what you want.
Every day is a gift and a blessing of unlimited miracles of love for you to have and hold.

Fill up with the day before you.
Be grateful for the day behind you.
Enjoy each moment you have right now.
This is your gift of live, created just for you.

Loving the Spring,
Betty Lue

Be Kind and Feel Good Today and Every day!
Let every day be a day to Love Yourself and Others.