Saturday, March 21, 2020

Self- Healing

Love is the way to lie in gratitude.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
Life is for giving, and I am the gift.
I remember love and return to wholeness.

Self- Healing

Currently we are needing  to take a “Self Healing” sabbatical.
When I don’t write and send Loving Reminders, it is because I am not remembering my true Self.
When I am unable to be with my Higher Self, I cannot remember myself with Love.
When I am not fully present, how can I remember our authenticity and inner truth?

Everyday life is filled with forgetting what is true and whole and loving.
When I am distracted by physical pain, illness or mental distraction, I forget.
I know when I am conscious what I need and how to remind myself of greater Good.
When I (We) lose our way, we must create reminders and wakeup calls.

“Bodies do what bodies do.” is what Robert, my partner, reminds me.
When I think I am a body, I allow the body to define me.
I see my body as limited and interfering with my higher intention.
I may simply need to press the “reset” button and awaken the Truth!

Thanks for loving anyone who is not loving.
Thanks for loving yourself when you have forgotten to love.
Thanks for showing us all how to love ourselves when we are sick.
Thanks for always loving everyone all the time, including yourself.

The fastest way to remember love is through forgiveness here.
The simplest way to remember to love is by choosing to love no matter what.
The easiest way to remember love is to take the time to eliminate fear and lack of love.
Our work is to constantly choose to love ourselves in everyway we know.

Yes, the physical choices we make all matter.
The body is our vehicle through which we communicate and serve with love.
The body is ours to love and care for to enable us to create more love and goodness.
The body is a tool with which we can create, build, serve and express love in the world.

Use your body well to live well and love well.
I am resting and renewing my physical, mental and spiritual self.
I am staying quiet and listening within to my inner guidance.
I am trusting my body to do its healing with my loving co-operation.

We can all give ourselves to love.
We can delete and forgive what is fearful.
We can have faith in our reason for being.
We can do our holy and healing work daily to remember.

I am loving you and me to be all we are here to be.
Thank you for joining with me in peace and trust and love.
Betty Lue


Be Healthy!
Wash your hands and clear the fear.
Eat healthy foods: fruits and veggies. ‘
Ingest the best and forget the rest.
Trust in the natural immune system.

Be Positive!
Breathe in Love.  Breathe out Peace.
Look for what you can do, instead of what limits you.
Trust in the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff. 
Don’t worry. Be Happy!

Be Grateful!
Send “thank you” notes to those you care about.
Enjoy your family at home and friends via phone.
Appreciate your life with your loving attention.
Value yourself, your time and your resources.

Be Kind!
Be gentle with your thoughts and words.
Forgive your judgments and prejudices.
Learn from all mistakes, yours and others.
Treat yourself with respect and enjoy your life.

Be Productive!
Do what makes you happy and feel good.
Clean your home, letting go of excess stuff.
Do something to help others where needed.
Finish those projects you promised to do.

Be Creative!
Start painting, sewing, cooking or writing.
Learn a new language or new hobby.
Make your home beautiful and feel new again.
Rearrange furniture or renovate something old.

Be Happy!
Play cards or board games.
Listen to music and reminisce.
Start singing and dancing again.
Smile at yourself in the mirror.

Be Inspired!
Watch movies with positive messages.
Read books about your heroes
Listen to uplifting music.
Strengthen your faith with prayerful affirmations.