Sunday, February 23, 2020

Share Your Best Self!

I choose to give only my best.
I care for myself first, so I am ready to give my best.
I am ready, willing and able to be the best I can be.
I appreciate who I am and how open I am to share my best..

Share Only Your Best!

No more complaining.
No more draining.
No more blocking your joy.
Give something good to give. 

Invest the best.
Forget the rest.
Why pass on your worst?
Always share your best.

We all need to be ready.
Be prepared for your life.
Be ready for your work.
Be open to be with family.

We each need to be willing.
Be willing to do your best.
Be willing to give your best.
Be willing to show your best.

We must be able to do our job.
We can be able to be with others.
We should be able to be good parents and partners.
We can be ready, willing and able for our lives.

Have you given yourself what you need to be ready for life?
Are you open and willing to show up and pay attention?
Have you committed yourself to only do your best?
Are you honestly prepared to be the best parent, partner, friend, teacher and citizen?

Learn more.
Read more.
Observe more.
Share more.
Do more.
Love more.
Heal more.
Give more.

There is always more we can do to share our best with others.
There is always more rest, more devotion, more commitment, more happiness to be prepared.
Every day in every way we can become better and better.
There is so much goodness in each one of us to be shared with all.

Loving you and your willingness to give your best.
Betty Lue

Four Agreements.
1. Make No Assumptions. 
2. Keep Your Agreements. 
3. Take Nothing Personally. 
4. Always Give Your Best.
By Don Miguel Ruiz