Friday, March 22, 2019


I choose to enjoy my whole life.
I prefer learning from everyone and everything.
I love the life I have chosen for myself.
My thoughts, words and activities reflect my enjoyment

Enjoy What You Do

Enjoy what you do and it will work for you!
Hate, resist and resent what you do and it won’t work for you.
When you love what you are doing, it will be fun, safe and easy.
When you don’t like what you do, it may be unfun, unsafe and difficult.

Enjoying is a choice.
Happiness is a choice.
Joy is a choice.
Gratitude is a choice.

Dislike is learned.
Unhappiness is taught.
We choose how we see what we see.
We can choose to see things differently.

Children copy parents.
Friends copy friends.
Associations tend to create similar beliefs.
Families often choose similar experiences.

When born into a happy, curious and appreciative family, children tend to be the same.
When born into an unhappy, fearful and ungrateful family, children tend to be the same.
To change our original programming, we must forgive and undo the past and choose again.
To clear away limiting beliefs and false programs, we can forgive, erase and delete.

Enjoy what you do.
Use positive languaging.
Forgive negative thoughts and words.
Change your attitude and you change your mind.

Put a smile on your face each morning.
Greet yourself in the mirror with a smile.
Give your best self to your partner and children.
What you give to others, you will receive and reinforce in yourself.

Life reflects what we send out to others.
The attitude will share will be seen in our perceptions.
Our words are heard by others, as well as by ourselves.
We hear sounds with our own interpretation of enjoyment or judgment.

To enjoy what you do, make up your mind to choose joy.
To enjoy what you do, choose it with open-hearted gratitude.
To enjoy what you do, forgive all negative thinking.
To enjoy what you do, see it with pleasure and appreciation.

Turn your thoughts to love and appreciation.
Turn your life over to joy and inspiration.
Turn you eyes to wondrous and beautiful sights
Turn your words to beholding the enjoying what is.

Enjoying loving me and your with everything I say and do.
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Is Your Life Working?

Life is a beautiful co-creation of my happy thoughts, peaceful words and loving actions.
My life works for me.
I easily let go of what no longer serves my best Self.
I quickly choose to see, speak and behave in ways that work.

Create Your Own Life!

Is your life working for you?
Are your relationships working?
Is your money working?
Is your health working for you?

Only you know the truth about your life.
Only you are aware of the secrets you hide.
Only you can feel what is real for you.
Only you realize how you may be hiding the truth?

To heal we must reveal what is so.
To know what is so, we must look, listen and feel.
To shine the light of awareness on our life, we must be willing.
When we see, feel and know what is not working, we have taken the first step.

Life can work, when we do the work.
Life can be changed, when we see what must be changed.
Life is flexible, malleable, workable when we are open and willing.
Life is a toy and a tool to learn to use for our own benefit.

Take a look and what do you see.’
Listen to your heart and feel how you feel.
Hear the inner voice of intuition and guidance.
Be responsible to yourself by being willing to change, choose and commit to what works.

Life may seem to happen to you.
When you play lacking and limited, it may seem you can do nothing.
When you believe you are a victim of circumstances, you may criticize and blame.
When you think there is nothing to do, you may feel incapable, hurt and resentful

Key questions to ask oneself:
Am I willing to be responsible for my life?
Am I able to change what does not work for me?
Am I capable of doing the work to change what I can change?

We can always change our mind.
We can change how we respond to our lives.
We can change what we do and say within our relationships.
We can change what we think, imagine, make up and our attitude.

Our lives are created with our thoughts and beliefs.
Our lives show up as products of our words and reactions and responses.
Our lives are shaped by our attitudes and feelings.
Our lives are a co creation of our past experiences and future expectations.

When we choose to change our lives, we can seek never ending improvement.
We can forgive our past errors and limiting beliefs.
We can learn to respond to all things with forgiveness, an eraser filled with love.
We can let go and easily undo whatever no longer serves us.

Create Your Own Life Your Own way.
Make everything yours, new everyday.
Undo what is untrue for you.
Make life do what shines through you!

Loving you creating life as you wish it to be.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Into Spring!

I bless each day and each day blesses me.
I breathe in new life and receive the magic of NOW!
I see the cycles and seasons with amazement and gratitude.
I love life and live loves me.

Springing Into Spring

Today is the first day of Spring!
Happy day today and everyday!
Are you willing to feel the renewal?
Are you open to receive with delight?

Every day is a gift for us to fully live.
Every day is an opportunity to Love.
Each day gives us the precious moments of renewal.
Today, this day, celebrate with joy and gratitude for your life!

I still remember the first days of Spring weather in Michigan as a child.
It wasn’t the date that mattered, but the first day to wear only a sweater and relinquish the heavy coat.
I felt light and free, happy and full of energy, almost new again with love in my heart.
I know what it feels like to see the first daffodils and jonquils and beautiful tulips.

Can you feel the increasing light and the longer days?
Are you enjoying more time to play outside and enjoy the sun?
D o you appreciate the sounds of the birds and maybe the first robins?
The renewing life comes with more light and warmth, freedom and movement.

I can hardly wait for planting  our summer garden and swimming time with the grandchildren.
I love the budding of the leaves and the many shades of fluorescent green to feed my senses.
I totally enjoy the sounds of the river here in Oregon as we feel the melting snow chill the air.
I celebrate the earth and the rich change of seasons for us all to recognize our own changes.

What will you do with this spring?
Will you stay inside cozy and lazy or get out and walk, touch the leaves and see the sky?
Will you dance a jig and sing a song, smiling at the beauty around you in everything you see.?
Will you start a new project, take on a challenge and learn something new and exciting?

The happiest way to grow is to know that spring is giving her very best show for you to enjoy.
What you look for you will see if you open you hands and heart, your eyes and ears.
You will find more than you imagine, if you are patient and willing to receive what you want.
Everyday is a gift and a blessing of unlimited miracles of love for you to have and hold.

Fill up with the day before you.
Be grateful for the day behind you.
Enjoy each moment you have right now.
This is your gift of live, created just for you.

Loving the Spring,
Betty Lue