Friday, July 19, 2019

Cooperation, Collaboration and Co-Creation

I cooperate with those who seek always to love.
I collaborate with those who create more Love in our world.
I co-create with those who listen within to the Voice of Love.
I recognize and appreciate the joining of Love in our world

Cooperation, Collaboration and Co-Creation

Are you willing to work together for the Good of All?
When you respect yourself and others, you will be responsible.
When you are responsible for your thoughts, words and deeds, you will naturally be respectful of others.
When you are respectful and responsible, you will easily cooperate, collaborate and co-create with others.

Life in relationship is meant to be harmonious.
Living in connection with others, we naturally must cooperate to succeed.
When we disconnect from others, we tend to criticize, conflict and compete.
When we feel separate from others, we create disharmony.

Families are meant to live and play, work and create, together.
When families are compatible in their goals, they create success.
When families cooperate and collaborate, they co-create their desired outcomes.
When families understand and accept their differences, they learn how to give their best for the good of all.

Marriages and Partnerships can create success when they understand the essential keys.
Common values and goals generate effective cooperation, respect and responsibility
Open honest communication is focused on positive languaging rather than complaints or criticism.
Equal contribution to the relationship allows for each to give what is their best at the time.
Commitment in the relationship is based on what is best for each individual.
Responsibility for the partnership comes from owning your own thoughts and words and actions.

Live in harmony and there will be success for all.
Choose always for the Highest Good and everyone benefits.
Recognize that with trust cooperation everyone wins.
Understand that, with respectful collaboration, we co-create the Will of Goodness and Love.

Cooperation begins at home where everyone works together for the Good of the whole.
When the parents and children cooperate, everything is done easily and well.
The cooperative Spirit in a family creates a sense of security and abundance.
When we “have each others’ back”, there is no lack.

With mutual respect and equal responsibility there is no guilt and no blame.
When there is no guilt or blame, everyone feels free to do their best.
When all as a team do their very best, the who team succeeds.
Where there is success, they all are blessed with freedom, abundance and ease.

True cooperative living creates a world of provision and peace for one and all.
Where there is joining in vision and purpose, everyone prospers and feels safe.
When we co-create a world of safety and trust, we can live with peace and harmony.
Humanity benefits when we are respectful, responsible and cooperative with one another.

So let us choose to free ourselves to join in peace and love,
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All!

I choose peace instead of this.
I choose to bring peace to others.
I choose to find compassion.
I choose to think Peace, speak Peace and act Peaceful.

Peace Begins with Me!

What do you want more than anything else?
What do you desire to have and give?
What you want you you will become.
What you give you will receive.

And so it is we can begin right where we are.
Peace in your heart and mind.
Forgive the chaos and confusion
Calm your thoughts and feelings.

Give the Peace where you are.
Extend Peace to everyone.
Receive the Peace that is yours.
Contribute the Peace within your heart.

We all have the Peace of Goodness.
We each can share the Peace we have.
We all know how to be Peace-filled.
So why not give the Peace we have.

Peace costs nothing.
Peace contributes everything.
Peace is our deepest desire.
Peace is why we are here.

Breathe Peace.
Filter out conflict within.
Breathe our Peace.
Let go of fear and drama.

Recognize your thoughts teach.
Realize your feelings can incite to fight.
Remember love dissolves fear.
Walk into the light.

You can be a peace maker.
Reflect on the power of loving.
Choose words of understanding.
Take actions of order and harmony.

When fearful, ask “What Can I Do?”
When confused, ask “What do I Need?”
When conflicted, ask “What Do I Want?”
When in opposition, ask “What Do I Choose?”

I want peace in all relationships and situations.

Loving us all for choosing Peace of mind and heart and action.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


I forgive us all for forgetting to love.
I see every child of creation with an open heart.
I dare to care and share with everyone.
I find peace in being able and willing to give.

Stop Bigotry, Fear and Hate!

Stop the Habit of Judging.
Drop the comparisons and prejudice.
Learn to Forgive.
Open to Love

Learn to look beneath the apparency.
See the humanity.
Seek understanding.
Relinquish attack.

Stop comparing!
Reveal your compassion.
Resist stereotyping.
Encourage more learning.

Find common ground.
Love away the fear.
Listen to your heart.
Appreciate our differences.

Learn from one another.
Value how we belong.
Notice all helpfulness.
Facilitate our sharing.

To stop the violence, we must stop name-calling.
To stop the violence, we must heal the past.
To stop the violence, we must work and play together.
To stop the violence, we must love all the little children of the world.

To learn to love, we must share our commonality.
To learn to love, we must live and work side by side.
To learn to love, we must see with forgiving eyes.
To learn to love, we must forgive our errors and blindness.

To begin to build we need to remember our Source.
To set our course for future generations, we need to be honest with ourselves.
To join with one another, we need to share our common vision.
To succeed, we need to begin with everyone we encounter.

Let us open our hearts to care.
Let us open our minds to listen.
Let us open our willingness to share.
Let us open our lives to dare to Love.

Loving us all as we start yet again.
Betty Lue

I trust us each and all to do what we can to bring peace!

To all my prayer partners and beyond.
As we confess our own bigotry and prejudice, let us forgive ourselves and others.
Let us always remember within the skin of each one of us, there God is.
We are here to reclaim our own Divinity and that of every creation of God.
We are here to heal, forgive and Remember Love.

Thank you for joining with me in healing from within.
No more judgment means no more fear.
Love is Letting Go of Fear. (Read the book!)
Let me remember, I am one with God and so are You.
Love prevails,
Betty Lue