Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wake Up Calls

I relinquish all blame and stop doing the same thing over and over.
I reach out with love and love returns to me.
I wake up each day refreshed and ready to learn.
Everyday in every way I am more alive, alert and enthusiastic.

Wake Up Calls!

Every upset, accident, illness is a wakeup call.
Every firing, bankruptcy, family problem is a wake up call.
When you are comfortable, you may go to sleep and neglect your life.
When you are surprised or shocked, you will tend to wake up and attend to your life.

Are you awake yet?
What does it take to pay attention?
What helps you to stay conscious?
How do you listen and honor your inner knowing?

It is true most folks have learned to prefer familiarity and sameness.
Most people want control over their lives, so they can take it easy.
We may want to be busy, but fail to notice what we can hear in quiet.
Many want to avoid listening to what they need to learn and know.

When we know better, we do better.
When we are sleeping in class, we cannot learn.
When we read comic books, we don’t read inspiring works.
When we are sleeping on the job, we cannot get our real work done.

What does it take for you to listen to yourself?
Where do you go for answers when you do not know?
How loud do you need to hear the alarm before waking up?
What will it take to be responsible for your life and respond with love?

It is our judgment and fear that keep us stuck in someone else’s nightmare.
It is our attachment to the easy way that holds us captive in cycle of madness.
It is our addiction to numbing the emotional, mental, physical pain that keeps us from changing.
We are awake when we choose to respond with conscience, confidence and freedom of choice.

When we run from our responsibility (ability to respond with healing), we are sleeping.
When we open our mind and our heart, we can see and feel what is needed.
When we lift our minds to what can be rather than linger in the past, we choose what we prefer.
When we are walking into the light rather than hiding in the dark, we see what we can be.

Everyday there are opportunities to wake up and enjoy the school of life.
When we are judging the lessons and refusing to listen, we may not pass the tests of time.
When we fall asleep at our desk or use drugs to not get the learning, we fail to graduate.
School is a gift and learning is our “job”.

Let’s get a good night’s sleep and wake up to face the day with enthusiasm and curiosity.
With an awakened heart and open mind, we can always see what is before us and which way to go.
With willingness to listen and learn, we can achieve everything we want to be happy and free.
Let us wake up to what is good and whole and beautiful for Goodness Sake.

Betty Lue is always loving you and reminding you to Love.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Living Well with Children

I speak with respect and kindness to everyone, young and old.
I honor children as I honor myself.
My example is my best teaching.
I pay attention, show up and speak the highest truth I know.

Secrets of Living with Children  (of all ages)

Do you understand what it means to be there as “a parent”?
Do you get what it feels like to be a child?
Are you even vaguely aware of what this world seems to be?
Do you listen to what children say and want you to know?

When you come into a new place, you want to feel safe and secure.
You want to know the rules or limits so you can fit in and feel cared for.
You want to feel able to express yourself and what you need.
You want to know there will be food, a bed and bathroom and someone to be there for us.

This is true for young and old, rich and poor, informed and uninformed.
All of us have a need for the basics to develop in a healthy way.
Yet, we neglect and deny many of these to our children and youth and elders.
Stop and recognize what you need when you are in a new environment.

Let’s give our infants, toddlers, children and youth the basics.
Access to healthy food and clean water when they are hungry.
Safe place to rest and sleep in quiet.
Water & bathroom to stay clean and dry.

Children need attention and someone to listen to them.
They need opportunities to explore and experiment.
They need ways to be creative without judgment.
They need places to be quiet and noisy, active and passive.

Why do we forget to give them what we want?
Why do we so often treat kids like pets instead of people?
Why have we relegated children and elders to second class?
It is time we treat them like guests, customers and invest our best.

When we talk with our children, they talk with us.
When we tell or demand of our children, they talk back and demand of their adults.
When we listen to and honor their request, they listen and honor our requests.
They seek to be treated with respect, trust and appreciation, just like we do.

Set simple basic rules of etiquette for all members of your household.
These are mine. Choose your own.
1) Yelling & rough housing belong outside.
2) Everyone cleans up after themselves in all common areas.
3) No hurting of self, others or the space.
4) Everyone helps.

What if we all simply “Treat others as we want to be treated.”

Love works for everyone.
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Love The One You’re With

Love works for me.
Love expands as it is shared.
Love is the Source of all Good.
Love is Who I Am and What I do.

Love The One You Are With!

Love works only when you are loving.
Life works only when you are living.
Giving works only when you are giving.
Happiness works when you are truly happy.

So why not Live, Love and Be Happy?
Love the One you are with.
Enjoy being with yourself when alone with You.
Love being in nature when You are there.

Love is not just for One, but for everyone.
Love feels loving, when you are willing to give your Love.
When you are waiting for magic, give some magic.
When you are withholding love with grievances and resentments, you will not feel Loved.

Nothing changes everything more than Loving.
Nothing gives us more Love than choose to give Love.
Nothing is more healing and helpful, than Loving yourself.
Everything and everyone you choose to Love becomes Love for ourselves.

Love is an expression and experience of the Love We Are.
When we choose to withhold ourselves from living, loving and giving, we don’t feel good about ourselves.
When we choose to extend ourselves to fully live, love and give, we feel profound Love for ourselves.
Our recognition of Love within ourselves opens the way to freely extend it to others.

Giving Love is the greatest way to discover the Love within.
When we love the unloveable, we see there is no limit to Love.
When we give to the unforgiven, we realize there is no limit to forgiveness.
When we break through feelings of lack, littleness and limitation, we understand we can free our Love.

Life truly is to learn to forgive ourselves and continue giving.
Love really is to let go of withholding Love and give Love to everyone.
Giving is as natural as breathing when we stop resisting and resenting and remember to Love always.

Give Love and let it flow to discover the unlimited nature of infinite Love.
Open your heart to Love the one or Ones you are with to recognize Love has no limits.
Free yourself from denying yourself the Love you want and are, by celebrating the Love within you.
Love the one you are with and you will know Love is All and Only what you want to experience.

Experiment with Love and its many expressions.
Notice where you are withholding and smile, say hello reach out with Love.
Today is a great day to begin.
Love everyone and everything and watch Love and happiness grow in you.

Love is the greatest Gift of all.
Always Love, Trust and Free YourSelf to Love!

Betty Lue

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

 It makes no difference
  how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

 If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Value of Vacations

I can choose exactly what I want.
I learn from everything and everyone.
I get clearer and wiser about what is right for me.
I love to step away and see what is true for me.

Using Vacations to Change Your Life!

How can you use a vacation to transform your life?
When you step out of your usual environment what do you see and hear?
When you travel to a new place, how do you feel and respond or react?
When you decide to have fun and try something new, how does it change you?

Any new adventure can change you for the better.
You can become clearer and stronger with your choices.
You can express yourself in new ways.
You can step out with courage or retrace with anxiety.

What is attracted to you for good or ill is a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings
When you find beauty and joy, friendliness and helpfulness, you are seeing yourself.
Whether you feel healthy and vibrant, energize and delighted, you are feeling your real self.
Our natural thoughts, feelings and attitude reveal what is really inside.

Often the vacation will show us what we really want to be, do and have.
A new environment can give us glimpses of what is most desired.
New people and situations can tell us what makes us better and happier.
We are learning how to redefine our ideal life.

When the new situation and holiday gives us problems, we are experiencing our inner conflict
When we find negativity, difficulty, confusion and upset, we are experiencing our inner fears.
The outer experience shows us what to clean up, wash away and clear within ourselves.
We can immediately learn to do the inner work to create a positive and happy experience.

Holidays with open schedules are guided and decided by the chooser.
The kind response to problems allows the negativity to dissipate.
The angry or anxious reaction can amplify the difficulties.
We can more easily see ourselves outside our usual situation.

On your vacation, do you want peace and quiet?
Do you want to free yourself from schedules?
Are you prepared to change plans and still enjoy it all?
Do you plan on resting, playing, celebrating or seeing the sights?

Are you ready to learn from your own ideas, responses and reactions?
Are you open to choose, let go and choose again until you are satisfied?
Do you put up with what you experience or find the best way to have a good time?
All of your decisions are learning opportunities in self-discovery and self realization?

Take the time to get acquainted with the REAL You.
Learn to watch and listen to how you respond and react.
Begin to express your REAL choices.
Choose what you REALLY want.

Loving your self-made (unprogrammed or habituated) choices.
Betty Lue