Tuesday, May 09, 2017

On Vacation?

I prefer being happy and free everyday.
I choose the thoughts I think and the feelings I have.
I volunteer to be hear and now.
I value the life I choose to live.

What Is A Vacation? Or Sabbatical?

Take a moment to enjoy where you are.
Take a deep breath and feel profound gratitude.
Open you heart to feel the Good you do.
Stop denying Love and gratitude for you.

Your vacation can be a 15 minute meditation
You can take a walk on the beach or in the woods.
Take a yummy nap with a smile on your face
Sit and do nothing for just 5 minutes alone in quiet.

How do you vacate your mind?
Can you stop thinking the same old thoughts?
Can you give yourself a break right now?
Are you ready to take a free no expense vacation?

Imagination is one way to simply enjoy today.
A picnic at the beach might be another way to relax.
With the right attitude you can start enjoying right now
Consider what it takes for you to forgive and forget.

What you hold in mind produces the same kind of experience.
When I step into a new center or office with appreciation I am on vacation.
When I designate a certain day to new thoughts, I renew my whole being.
I can erase and undo what was by letting go and choose a brand new experience.

It seems to easy and yet people often find it difficult or “impossible”.
Sunday is a sabbatical, a day of rest and renewal.
Any day can be your “day off” when you choose it to be so.
Seek and have the experience you want to have with gratitude.

What we name, we claim.
What we call work, will be so.
What we call play, will also be so.
We are choosing the experience we want to have.

We can complain and experience what we are complaining about.
We can appreciate and enjoy what we are appreciating and enjoying.
We can make each breath, each hour, each new day what we choose it to be.
Why not wake up each morning and assign the day to be what we choose.

What do you want to do right now?
What do you want to see and hear?
What are you choosing to feel and do?
How can you make the next hour better than the last?

Choose well and enjoy the power of your choice.
I am always seeing you with Love.
Betty Lue