Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Balancing Your Life

I choose what is best for me.
What is best for me inspires others.
I listen to my spirit, mind and body to be whole and happy and free.
I honor and respect the Good in me.

(Let me know if you are interested in looking at your life choices with a few Self Discovery Tools)

What Is Good For You?

How much do you need?
What do you want?
What is missing?
Where are you over-indulging?

What are your good habits and bad habits?
What is hurting you?
What is helping you?
Do you know what is best?

How can you tell what is your right balance?
Everyone is unique, so how about you?
What gives you energy and what depletes you?
What feel truly happy and at peace?

Do you gain energy from time alone or time with people?
Do you listen to your senses or your intuition?
Do you trust your thinking first or your feelings?
Do you prefer scheduled activity or spontaneity?

These are a some preferences which make a difference in your ideal life balance.
Begin to look at spending time outside or inside, active or sedentary?
Ask yourself if you prefer talking or being quiet, teaching and/or learning?
Do you need more of something or less?

Balance your life with good work and good play.
Make sure you do something good every single day.
Waste no time whining and complaining.
Give the best you have and do what is fun for you.

Give yourself the best in life by giving your self what is good and right for you.
Sleep enough and eat right and healthy too
Move and play, relax and learn, give and receive.
Your life is meant to be best for you to be your best.

 As times change in life, we may prefer a different balance.
Sometimes we get so habituated to what was the right balance, we neglect to rebalance.
When we are bored, unhappy, frustrated and even angry, we need to relook at our current lifestyle choices.
When we are “on purpose” and living what is best for us, we feel happy, peaceful, and content

You are responsible for your own life choices and life balance of time, energy and resources.
You must respect your own needs to assess and reassess what is right and true and good for you.
You can seek to listen and learn what you need, what you want and how to respond to yourself.
Life is meant to be good for your happiness, health and fulfillment.

Trusting you to know and learn and choose and grow.
Loving you and all as I love and respect myself.
Betty Lue