Thursday, April 13, 2017

Relationships Are Our Teachers!

I value every relationship.
I learn from everyone.
I stay conscious with my relationships as my guides.
I know that I teach others by the consciousness within my relationship.

Every Relationship Matters!

Everyone deserves our best.
If you have experienced the best, you know how important.
If you have not know “the best”. You may not know how to give and receive “the best”.
Seek role models for the best relationships between all people. (parent and child, partners, friends, all)
  • Speak respectfully to one another. 
  • Make requests with “please” and “thank you”. 
  • Behave in a grownup manner. (No whining, crying, yelling or threats.) 
  • Offer to help and care for others as needed and requested. 
  • Make time to listen and respond in a quiet, uninterrupted space. 
  • Do your fair share of chores. 
  • Be helpful and grateful while others are working. 
  • Demonstrate appreciation with kindness, words and behavior 
  • Clean up after yourself, leaving the common space welcoming for others. 
  • Make request for time to talk with no interruption of the other.
Recognize your needs are equally as important as the other.

When you have a problem in any relationships, step away and ask yourself what you can do differently.
No need to blame another or feel guilty, but resolve the problem with your own creative solutions.
There is always a better way, which you can do without dumping on the other.
Conscious communication requires you to be aware, creative and adult in your interactions.

Remember, you are the one who can do better
You are the one who sees there is a need.
You are the one who is able to make changes.
You are the one who can learn more.

What you see on media and politics is not the best.
What you experienced in your home is not the best.
What you see and here in our society is not the best.
Discover what is best for you.

Teach by example.
Learn from your mistakes.
Do to others what you want for you.
Give what you want to receive.

There is no need for immature or childish behavior.
There is no need for hurting, humiliating or punishing.
There is no need to reject or abandon another.
There is a need to listen and learn, understand and accept.

Take full responsibility for the quality of your relationships.
You are the most conscious, creative and committed one.
This is my commitment to you,
Betty Lue 

Recommending this short video about this powerful healing tool: Ho’oponopono