Thursday, April 28, 2016

Are You Responsible?

I am willing to be fully response-able for myself and my life?
I seek always to be more mindful and conscientious of the choices I make.
I choose to listen to my words and live the truths I share.
I appreciate what I teach with the quality of my thoughts, words, actions and choices .

Are You Willing and Able to Be Responsible?

Are you willing to take care of yourself and your responsibilities?
Are you responsible for your words and your behavior?
Do you manage your life with integrity living true to your values?
Do you live like everything you say and do matters?

To be ‘responsible’ means being able to respond to everything with integrity.
We are responsible for our emotional state and expression.
We are responsible for our relationships and keeping our agreements.
We are responsible for our physical health and well being.

Are you honest with yourself?
Do you notice when you are off purpose?
Do you evaluate how you are living each day?
Do you listen to and follow the words you say?

You are responsible for your thoughts.
You are responsible for your words.
You are responsive for you behavior.
Everything you think and say and do is expressing you.

Do you want the next generation to act and live like you do?
Do you feel pleased with your own life choices and behavior?
Do you want to live in a world with others talking like you?
Do you want elders and youth, those you love and strangers to learn from you?

It is easy to forget or neglect your highest values.
It is responsible to remember to live by your principles.
It is immature to blame and shame others for you action and inaction.
It is mature to be responsible for your own choices, interactions and words.

Do you strive to keep your agreements?
Do you apologize for broken promises to yourself and others?
Do you make no assumptions about others’ motives and intentions?
Do you stop yourself from criticizing anyone including yourself?

When we blame and shame others for what we do, we are making them responsible for our choices.
Responsible adults make conscious choice for what they do and say.
Responsible people observe themselves, acknowledge their mistakes and correct themselves.
When we are honest with ourselves, we focus on our own integrity and learn from everyone.

Are you willing to notice and confess and correct our own mistakes?
Are you willing to clean our own living standards, thoughts, words and actions?
Are you willing to be mindful of your own happiness, health, finances and relationships?
Do you see that your choices and living example are your best teaching for those around you?

At the end of each day, stop and review what has been responsible and true for you.
Be willing to learn, correct, apologize, make amends and take responsibility for it all.
Be grateful for your willingness to be responsible for your life and the choices you make.
Everyday you will grow, heal, encourage and appreciate how responsible you truly are.

Let us appreciate our willingness to ’grow up’ and ‘grow in’ to the responsible caring people we are.
Betty Lue

Responsibilities for Adults (From Betty Lue)
Do you know how to think, speak and behave conscientiously?
Do you know how to treat others with respect and kindness?
Are you willing to learn to be responsible in all relationships?
Do you know the difference between right and wrong?

Treat others as you want to be treated.
Forgive everyone and everything, for all time, including yourself.
Be courteous and helpful.
Give your best, no matter what others do.
Make no assumptions, and recognize you do not know.
Keep your agreements and your promise to yourself and others.
Take turns in your interactions and following procedures.
Be fair in your decisions and choose what is good for all concerned.
Eliminate all cruelty or destructive thoughts, words or behaviors.

Think of others as you want to be thought of.
Stop judging, complaining and gossiping.
Stop negatively thinking about yourself and others.
Forgive and erase all thoughts and behaviors that are hurtful.

Speak to others as you want to be spoken to.
Use “please” and “thank you”, even with children.
Talk in a pleasant tone of voice to everyone.
Stop demanding and expecting: respectfully request.
Don’t pretend you know, when you don’t know.

Basic Responsible Behaviors
Eradicate addictive behavior and create healthy choices.
Clean up after yourself, in your relationships and your home.
Follow through on your plans, projects and promises.
Clean your house and car, your mind and messages.
Treat the environment and earth with conscious respect.
Stop excessive spending and Save your money.
Be respectful of the people and possessions in your life.
No drunkenness or disorderly behavior.
No swearing or name-calling.
Never abuse unhealthy food, drink or drugs.
Stop expecting others to do for you what you don’t do.
Live with respectful words, kind thoughts and positive behavior in clean home.