Thursday, February 04, 2016


This is the first day of my life.
I am here creating that which I want to be.
I trust in my ever-forgiving mind.
I live with joy seeing what is true for me.

Everyday New Again!

What if we begin again each day.
What if we see ourselves new again each morning.
What if we see our partnership with new eyes daily.
What if we see our family and home new every day.

Do you remember what it was like to meet your loved ones?
Can you reach out to what was feeling like it just now is?
Are you able to relinquish the past history and see with new vision?
Do you treat the people and place and situations without pre judgment?

This is true forgiveness.
No past history interferes.
Available and curious to know.
Open for love, respect and clear perception.

We tend to take our history wherever we go.
We have been taught to remember our illnesses, upsets and disappointments.
These recreate similar experiences.
The past is not here, but we have learned to bring it back again and again.

To renew is to be new again.
To realize is to open our eyes.
To recognize is to know what is true.
We are here to begin anew.

What will it take to see with clear vision?
What can we do to really see what is true?
How can we clean up the past and let true love last?
How can we see what is authentic reality?

We see through filters in our mind.
We remember what used to be as though it still is.
When we think it is so, we make it so.
We are learning here to let it all go and be here now.

Life is a grand undoing when see rightly.
Life is not a collection of snapshots we keep looking at.
Life is the place of innocence, curiosity and wonder of a child.
Life in not the adulteration of prejudice and repeated self deception.

We can wash away the “sins” ( errors) of the past.
We can let go of the “stories” we keep telling.
We can undo all that is not wholly true and loving.
We can begin again each day in everyway with what is.

There is love in us and everyone.
There is joy in us and everyone.
There is Good in us and in everyone.
When we can believe it, we will see it.

I believe in the good in you,
I see the good in you.
I know it is true.
And I write these Reminders for YOU.

Betty Lue

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