Monday, December 28, 2015

Blue or Joyous?

I choose to be happy with myself.
I free myself from complaining and blaming.
I love myself and treat myself with kindness and respect.
I let go and allow all Good into my mind and my life.

(Personal Notes below from Betty Lue)

Blues or Celebration?

I wonder what you do after Christmas.
Do you clean house or pay bills?
Do you get right back to work?
Do you relax from all the busyness?

This year I finish up what needs attention.
I clean house, inner and outer.
I get ready for a new year of inspiration and joy.
I prepare myself with gratitude for life.

What do you need to forgive?
What is still an issue or problem?
Are you complaining and draining yourself?
Are you up for simply being grateful?

Life is a process of learning from experience.
When we blame others or ourselves, our learning is delayed.
When we release our judgments, we can see more clearly.
When we are stuck in victimization, we sit longer in fear.

We can review what was and relinquish all fear, judgment and attack.
We can take an honest look at what we could and would do better.
We can clean up messes and incomplete communication.
We can open our minds and hearts to new loving possibilities.

We can take responsibility for creating our own life experience.
Whatever we go through, we can wish didn’t happen or learn .
Whatever we choose, we can judge could have been different or accept.
Wherever we go, we can make wrong or see the intrinsic value.

The more we recognize we can change our minds, we feel free to experiment.
The more we are open to learning from whatever is, we feel affirmed and wiser.
The more we release our negative view or judgments, we can see the blessings.
The more we know we can always forgive ourselves and choose again, we feel grateful and at peace.

Lets take our own inventory.
Look for what you do have.
Let us see what is working for us.
Let us appreciate those people, places and experiences we balue.

We are at choice.
Healing our attitude is key to feeling Joy.
Undoing our own negative thoughts is essential for Celebration.
Appreciating now and looking forward to the future is our New Years Gift to Ourselves.

Loving us all, everyone.
Betty Lue

This year we have four younger grandkids and  with us at the Lake House.
Lila (10),  fabulous seamstress and designer, and Beckett (9) great at all sports! are here.
 Harper (10) is at a gymnastics camp for the week.  She won 2nd place in the state in her division. 
Great for confidence and focus and lots of attention…

Sofi (9) and her brother Jacob (5) are here from Petaluma family.
All go to the horse ranch in the morning. 
Ice skating is up in Cobb for the kids in this area after the Valley Fire. 
Someone kindly donated a free afternoon rink for everyone during the school break.

 Gia (17) our oldest granddaughter and two friends from Texas  are here for the holidays.
These young people are polite and great to have as company and respectful helpers.

All in all it will be a grand time at the Lake House this week.

The past two days (Christmas and 12/26) Robert and I renewed the Holistic Center in Brentwood for the New Year and coming Reunion Interfaith Fellowship. 
Walls painted next weekend with love.
We are inspired and enthused to continue our ministry here in this location., as well as Pleasant Hill and Middletown.
We will be sending our a monthly newsletter very soon, letting you and others know what’s happening.

All in all, we are happy and blessed and wishing all a happy and prosperous New Year filled with joy and peace. 
Betty Lue