Monday, November 03, 2014

When Will We Ever Learn?

I am willing to learn from everyone and everything.
I need no defenses when I am willing to love.
I show up, pay attention and tell the highest truth I know.
I am open to change my mind and my life.

What does it take to get the message?
How can we stop learning the hard way?
When will we take a hint from the outcome?
Why do we keep trying the same thing over and over?

To persist doesn’t mean we insist on doing it “our way”.
To persist means that we keep trying new ways to find out what works.
To wish and hope and pray doesn’t mean we don’t do anything.
To affirm and practice means that we do what we are called to do.

To keep hurting ourselves by eating the same foods that don’t work well is foolish.
To pay attention to our very specific nutritional needs or our own unique system is wise.
To keep trying to get positive attention from someone who is unaware or uncaring is foolish.
To give positive attention and be aware of what is helpful, healing and healthy is kind.

To keep trying to get more, when we have enough may be greedy.
To seek to create more, when we have positive and practical uses is resourceful.
To keep pushing on a door that is closed may create more resistance.
To seek the open door and the easy way to go is natural and flowing.

To bang our head against the wall of barriers and roadblocks is painful.
To turn around and see all the alternatives is healthy and inspiring.
To keep nagging, demanding and punishing only sets up guilt and negativity.
To allow, accept, understand and be willing opens the way to positive communication.

War and violence beget more war and violence.
Arguing creates more arguments.
Unhealthy habits beget unhealthy lives.
Stubborn clinging to limiting beliefs creates more stubborn limits.

Peace and gentleness beget more peace and gentleness.
Creating harmony and cooperation give us all more harmony and cooperation.
Healthy thoughts, words and behavior teach everyone to choose more health.
Letting go and easily releasing what no longer works offers freedom to choose again.

Life shows us immediately what does not work.
When we pay attention, we stop, release and choose again.
When we ignore the signs and symptoms, we continue to make mistakes.
We are called to wakeup, see and acknowledge the errors, choose and behave differently.

Let us learn and let go quickly and easily.
Let us choose the path of freedom and trust.
Trust in what works for the Good of All.
There is always a better way.
Blessings for greater good,

Betty Lue