Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Do You Dare to Care?

I dare to share what I know to be true.
I dare to do what my heart guides me to do.
I dare to give all I am called to give.
I dare to live and love fully and freely
Do you feel what is real?
Do you listen to your heart?
Do you do what is right?
Do you know where you want to go?

Many listen to their friends.
Others follow protocol and watch what others do.
Some make up rules to live by.
Many just are too busy to care.

You can listen to friends, conform, live by rules and be busy and still care, listen, do and know.
What we learn comes from life and living day to day.
Caring and listening requires extra sensitivity to what do you really think, feel and say.
What we do needs to fill us up with deep honesty and allegiance to You.

How often have you by passed asked yourself the question:What really matters to me?”
How many times have you dismissed the call for help because you are “too busy”?
How often to you leave behind your dreams of doing good, because of what you “don’t have!”?
How much have your denied yourself the joy of really feeling the good you do?

Do you listen to your heart?
Do you know what it means to ask within?
Where do you really feel the calling to give?
How do you numb out and neglect to feel and say. “I really care about you.”?

When we dare to care, sometimes we cry.
When we dare to care, we contribute only our best.
When we dare to care, we do all that we can.
When we dare to care, we show up and pay attention.

What matters to me is that you matter.
You make the different in my life.
You make the difference in my world.
You matter to me, so I give you my best every morning.

What matters to you?
What do you really care about?
How much do you care about you?
Do you dare to care about what really matters to you?

Invest some time in you.
Listen to what you feel.
Notice how much you care.
Stop numbing yourself and dare to care!

Loving you and me and giving my very best.
Betty Lue

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