Tuesday, September 09, 2014

What Are You Learning?

I learn from everything and everyone to be kind, responsible and respectful.
I teach how to live a good life following your own values and principles.
I live what I teach and learn as I go.
Life works for me because I am always open and willing to learn.
We learn from everyone and everything whether we know it or not.
What we hear and see, feel and touch, is teaching us.
What we think is teaching us.
What we are learning we will become.

What we perceive we strengthen in ourselves.
What we see in others is also in us or we would not see it.
What we say to others is a teaching for ourselves, even when we believe is belongs to them.
When we believe we are separate and immune from what we think and say and do, we are mistaken.

Everything is part of us.
Everyone is our teacher.
Every experience is our lesson.
Every thought word and deed is teaching all the universe, including us.

What are you learning?
Pay attention to what you watch on TV, lyrics of songs, stories that you hear and people you know.
Pay attention to what you say, what stories you tell, what gossip you share, your judgments of others.
Pay attention to how you spend your time, your energy and your money.

When and how are you learning?
Every moment, waking and sleeping you are learning from, sights, sounds, smells, taste and touch.
Your mind is a grand receiver when you are open and without filtering the experiences you have.
When you are not discerning and consciously choosing, you may find yourself being like others.

We learn as infants and young children without any discernment of what is good or bad for us.
When our parents, teachers and role models swear, yell, hurt others physically or emotionally, we learn.
When we see  happy, respectful , responsible adults, we learn from their example.
When we see unhappy, disrespectful, irresponsible and lazy adults, we learn.

Habits are just learning without questioning or conscious choice.
They can be unlearned when we know there is a better way.
Addiction is a habit on which we are dependent, which can be healed by choosing differently.
When we know of no better choice, we find ourselves stuck with no healthier options.

To change bad habits, unhealthy learning and limited beliefs, let us expose ourselves to a better way.
To find better teachers, better examples, better possibilities, we need to seek and find better choices.
To be stuck in what is familiar and comfortable without options, is living a limited life.
Living a limited life of lack and self belittling unaware of options, we must be show something more.

Look for teachers who live what they teach.
Seek lessons that teach respect, responsibility and cooperation.
Choose relationships that are kind, helpful and encourage the best in you and themselves.
Allow yourself to believe you can have a better life of peace and happiness.

Learning and teaching better ways, every day,

Betty Lue