Thursday, August 14, 2014

Right Here and Right Now!

Use affirmations freely. Create your own mantra, song or chant to play all day in your mind and heart!
I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reason.
All things work together for Good.
Everything is in my own best interest.
The more I value where I Am, the more my Presence is a Blessing!

It is all perfect just as it is.
No need to hold back and no need to push forward.
You are right where you need to be.
Life works perfectly when we are still.

The still point is the point of conscious awareness.
When we suspend our judgment, we can experience the power of now.
When we relinquish our wishes and fears, our attacks and our tears, we can simply Be.
Being is seeing what is right and true here and now.

Many people and many parts to play.
No one the same in our roles and hands that we hold.
Everyone the same in our desire to come home to ourselves.
When we let go of needing to know, we find the place we came to be.

We stand in the circle of humanity.
We balance with those in our family and community.
Each one of us plays our unique part, leader and follower, talker and silent, thinker and does.
Some serve and create and inspire and lead and build and protect and heal and entertain and enlighten.

When we know ourselves and are true, we stop trying to be what we are not here to be.
When we follow our path and give what we have, we stop wishing we could be and have another path.
When we believe in our gifts and appreciate our giving, we are inspired and motivated to give even more.
When we live in our truth and honor our choices, we give voice to freedom, trust and love for all.

When we know the bliss of inner peace and suffering in the world, we can be “bridge walkers”.
When we cling to one way as right, we are not free to walk with everyone, wherever they are.
When we have no fear, we are free to hold the hand of anyone in need, to fully be present in their time.
When we know unconditional love, we can speak from our inner voice, trusting our choice to be true.

Right here and right now, there is always Love, Truth and the Wisdom within.
Right here and right now, we stand in the Light, knowing the delight of being fully Present.
Right here and right now, we speak loud and clear where everyone can hear, I am here, I Am Here.
Right here and right now, we can sit in Silence and share Truth without words, knowing we are heard.

No where to go when you know you are called to be here, right here and right now.
No right way to be when you know you are free to be as you are.
Nothing to do when you recognize you, here to love and be loved.
All perfect in its own way, under the haven of Goodness and Mercy for all.

Loving You with All That I Am, just as I Am and just as You Are.

Betty Lue