Saturday, August 23, 2014

Peace Begins with YOU and ME!

I think, speak and live with peace.
Peace begins with me.
I always choose a peaceful outcome.
I step away from conflict and choose peaceful resolution.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.
World Peace Prayer Day is September 21, 2014

Are you willing to be peaceful?
Are you willing to end the conflict within you?
Are you willing to stop causing problems and pain to yourself and others?
Are you open to relinquish all attack with your thoughts, words and interactions?

When you and I are willing, peace will prevail on earth.
When we let go of inner conflict, we will know inner peace.
When we forgive, erase and delete problems and pain, we will be peaceful.
When we give up judgment, criticism, blame and guilt, we will find peace.

Can we do this?
Do we really want peace?
Are you honestly open to extend peace to others?
Will it do any good to be truly peaceful?

Have you observed what peaceful thoughts feel like in you?
Have you noticed what happens when your mind is clear of fear?
Have you tried to live inside where you reside when you are at peace?
Experiment and discover what a moment of peace will do for you.

Tips to experience inner peace:
Breathe deep down to your belly slowly and consciously.
Give thanks openly for everything in your life.
Play, laugh and enjoy each moment doing what is fun for you.
Walk in nature or lie on the ground or sit under a tree and feel the energies.
Watch babies or animal for an hour or so.
Forgive and release your past, your history, your mistakes.
Give generously to someone who is in need of your help.
Celebrate the beauty in life, in nature, in kindness.
Do what makes you feel happy inside.
Give up harmful thoughts, words, feelings and actions.
Forgive yourself and others for mistakes.
Stop looking at old pictures, ghosts and movies that scare, hurt or confuse you.
Start thinking, talking and acting on what inspires you.
Love yourself for your intentions, goals and compassionate words and actions.

Your life belongs to you to use always and only for good.
Use it well today and everyday by choosing Good and refusing harm.
Affirm:” I choose peace instead of this.” as your daily discipline.
Extend your peace to everyone.

Peace be with You.

Betty Lue