Friday, August 15, 2014

Love Is a Choice

See the song on utube at the bottom.
Do Something!

I forgive for the sake of love.
I see everything differently to encourage Love.
I choose to Love no matter what.
I know I am here to Love.
Whatever the problem, I choose to Think Love, Speak Love and Act with Love.
When I think Love, I set my ego free to see things differently.
When I speak Love, I open my mind to speak with respect and kindness.
When I Ace with Love, I open my heart to behave responsibly to myself and others.

Unloving habits may be learned by many at home, in school, at work and on media.
I lived in an open-minded, respectful and responsible family.
Even during war times, there was Love for ourselves, our families neighbors and country.
In quiet respectful and responsible ways we opened our hearts and minds to find peace.

Whether you grew up in loving or unloving ways, you can choose differently today.
The past is no excuse for hate or prejudice.
The past may give us some perspective on our choices now.
We can heal our unconscious ways by forgiving and erasing our past today.

Memories are choices that we make.
We can cling to what was bad, difficult and painful.
We can archive what was good, healing and a blessing.
There is no need to continue telling old stories unless you value what you knew.

What we value, we continue to make real in our lives everyday.
When we remember, we tend to repeat again and again.
What we talk about is usually what we see as our identity,
When we feel guilt, anger, regret and judgment we usually are doomed to repeat again and again.

Forgiveness is the clearing.
Love is the answer.
Selective remembering is the choice.
Willingness to see things differently is the path.

Memories may forsake us.
Emotions may overtake us.
Forgiveness is the answer.
Love is a choice.

Whatever shows up in your mind, your words, your actions, choose to be respectful.
Whatever comes to you in relationships at work and home, respond with Love.
Wherever you feel unhappy, discouraged, resentful or guilty, be kind.
However you see life as hurtful, scary or unfair, choose to see things differently.

We have the choice to see with Love.
We have the choice to call for Love.
We have the choice to heal with Love.
We have the choice to demonstrate only Love.

Love is the answer. Love is the way.
Loving you now and every day.
Betty Lue

We’ve each got something to DO!

I Do Not Know

I do not know that which I AM.
I do not know who you are or the part you play.
I do not know the purpose of our encounter.
I do know I AM here to allow and accept you as you are.

I do not know what I can offer you.
I do not know where our relationship will lead us.
I do not know how I am to share my Love with you.
I do know I am to share my Love and receive yours as well.

I do not know the part I am to play in your life.
I do not now know how we are to teach and learn with one another.
I do not know how our sharing will awaken and benefit each one of us.
I do know I Am here to remember the Love in me and share it freely.

I do not know and I am willing to remember.
I do not know and  I am open to learn.
I do not know and I am here to be share All I have.
I do know to live fully, I must dare to always Love You.

I believe this is true for all of us in every relationship!

Betty Lue