Friday, August 08, 2014


I live my values and learn as I go.
I honor my own truth and it works for me.
What I value is what I see and be and do and have.
I live in integrity by always choosing to be Me!
You can not know what it means to be true, when you have yet to discover who is the REAL You!
Do you know Who You Are?
Do you understand Why You Are here?
Have you learned the purpose of your Life?

When we do not know ourselves, it is difficult to find our path?
Are you here to serve?
Are you here to lead the way>
Are you here to fight for a cause?
Are you here to enjoy and to play?
Are you here to create beauty and love?
Are you here to perform and achieve?
Are you here to research and understand?
Are you here to work hard and command?

So many possibilities and so little time!
Many you could try them all and get confused or get clear?
Maybe you could ask others to show you your way?
Maybe you just do what your are told and see what “they” say?

Do you have values or even know what they are?
Are you clear what works in life?
Have you observed your path and your problems?
Do you think about what you do and choose the best way for you?

What matters to you?
Do you want to make money or make friends?
Do you want to have peace or problems to work on?
Do you want to do the best with what you have or have more to do what you want?

Are you willing to work hard for what you get or do you want it to come easily?
Are you comparing your life with the rich, the educated, the famous, the wise, the powerful?
Are you aiming for the getting the most and giving the least?
Do you judge others and imagine how they got what they have?

There are more questions than answers for me and for you.
When you find your own answer, try it out and be true.
The path to waking up is learning to find your own way.
When you live in the darkness of ignorance, you have nothing to say.

Find someone to talk with, to listen to you.
Hear what they have to say and learn to express your own truth.
Or write in a journal with your own ideas and concerns.
Respond to yourself and others with trust, openness and respect.

When we can think, hear, feel and do, we balance our learning to get what is true.
Love is the answer.
Be brave and love YOU!
Betty Lue

Values- based Counseling and Coaching is what I offer.
Values-Based Teaching and Leading is how I serve.
Values-Based Living and Learning is what I do.

Life is safe, fun and easy when I live this way each day.