Saturday, August 02, 2014


I am the gift I give.
Everyone is bless with the joy and love in my gifts.
Life is a reminder to give all to all.
Giving is the gift of generosity.

Being generous is the fastest way to know we are unlimited.
Giving freely of who I Am helps me appreciate myself.
Offering all to All awakens me to the unlimited gifts within.
When I flow the Goodness and Love in me, I know true generosity.

When I create each Center for Healing and Inspiration, I do it for humanity and for you.
When I give these reminders to all who ask, I am offering healing and love to you.
When I live with love in my heart, I know why I have come and my life is Good.
When I get to be with my grandkids, my clients and students, I know what matters to me.

What you give, I receive.
What you learn, I learn too.
When you smile, I feel happy.
When you feel Good, I feel Good too!

When each one of us awakens to the joy of giving, it touches my heart.
My request of you is that you receive consciously everything you give.
The fastest way to know your self and heal all mistakes is to receive what you give.
Giving leftovers feels disrespectful and giving our best feels generous and good.

If you are not full, give what you can happily share.
If you are full, give your all with gratitude and joy.
If you are uncertain, experiment with measured giving.
If you are willing, open the flow and give from your heart.

To learn the lessons of limitlessness asks only that we are conscious of what opens the flow.
To learn the lessos of limitation and lack requires that we withhold what we have.
When we experience our neediness, we see how contracted and unhappy we feel.
When we watch the fear and separation grow, we know we have closed the flow.

Generosity of Spirit is freely giving from our unlimited supply
Generosity of worldly stuff is giving from our worldly gains.
When we give generously from Spirit, we give from the Source that is unlimited .
When we give from the world, we feel like we have given away or lost something.

Spiritual gifts cost nothing and continually replenish themselves.
Worldly gifts seem to cost something and we may feel as though we have lost.
How we give is received.
What we give we gain, when we give with joy and gratitude.

When we deny receiving what is given, we limit the giving.
When we embrace what is given, we expand the giving.
Generosity comes from giving all to all to experience all.
Life is for giving and we are the Gifts.

Blessings of abundant generosity,
Betty Lue