Thursday, August 21, 2014

Be Love In Action!

Love can be feelings of warmth and closeness.
Love can be thoughts of kindness and respect.
Love can be words of appreciation and encouragement.
Love can be actions of support, contribution and help.

To be “Love In Action” requires that we DO something with the Love we feel.
When we show love intermittently, we may not recognize how others feel.
When we express occasional disdain, we may not realize how it abandons others and ourselves.
When we speak with anger, blame or criticism, we may not be aware of how it hurts.

Be Love in Action!
When you have an inspiration, write it down.
When you have an positive idea, act on it.
When you have an inspiring thought, share it in writing, on email or text.
When you have a loving feeling, increase it by appreciating it.

Be Love in Action!
When you see a need for a positive distraction, give it to yourself and others.
When you start watching a negative or scary movie, change the channel.
When you are eating something that doesn’t taste or feel healthy, stop eating it.
When you are shopping for something you don’t need, give the money where it is valued.

Be Love in Action!
When you see trash on the path or sidewalk, pick it up and throw it away appropriately.
When cooking a meal with cans, bottles, ete, recycle them and compost your garbage.
When paying your bills with the money you earn, appreciate the money going to the worker and his family.
When complaining about your job or employer, be grateful you have a job and save some money.

Be Love in Action!
When you interact with others wherever you are, be thoughtful and polite.
When you overhear arguing or see acts of unkindness, send a mental blessing of peace.
When you are tempted to judge others and how unloving they are, know they are calling for Love.
When you wonder what to do in an apparently unloving situation, extend love and peace to all.

Be Love in Action!
The Love you give, you will receive now or later, from someone somewhere.
The Peace you extend around the world, is the peace you are contributing to influence others.
The Joy you share is the happiness you can feel, for by sharing it you receive the gift you give.
The Gratitude you think, say and give is the thanksgiving you know within yourself for the Good in you.

Love yourself well.
Share the Love you have.
Enjoy the Love you feel.
Appreciate the Love you are.

Loving you in Loving all.
Betty Lue

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