Sunday, August 10, 2014

Balance Your Life

I think about what is highest and best for everyone.
I feel what is positive and good for others and myself.
I do what I know will work to benefit all.
My life is balanced with forethought, positive feelings and enjoyment of each day.
Have you noticed an imbalance between thinking, feeling and doing?
Are you overly emotional?
Do you over think and analyze?
Are you a workaholic, always busy doing something?

When we are attached or addicted to one way of being, the others may be neglected.
When we do too much of one aspect of living, we may create an imbalance in our lives.
Take a look at where you tend to put most of your attention.
Are you consumed with thinking, with feelings or with doing things?

Do you use your feeling as your guide?
Do you tend to pay attention to your emotional state of being ?
Do you relate to how you feel and how others feel toward you?
When we allow our feelings to lead the way, we may ignore what we think and what we do!

Are you a thinker who uses concerns and doubts, reason and common sense to guide your life?
Do you contemplate and consider, analyze and inquire to make choices and solve problems?
Are you someone who worries about what others think or may happen next or values and ethics?
When we allow thoughts to overwhelm us, we may be paralyzed by the myriad of considerations.

Are you a doer, wanting only to get things done before you rest or take care of yourself?
Do you override how you feel, with staying busy and focused on the task at hand?
Do you tend to have a long to-do list with minimal time to appreciate or plan each day?
When we stay busy, we often overlook ourselves, our relationships and our priorities in life.

So what does a balanced life look like, feel like and sound like?
What does thinking, feeling and doing in a balanced way create inside and out?
How would one go about making choices based on thoughts, emotions and actualizing?
Feel the need, think about how to fill and then do what you know will work.

Sounds like a thoughtful plan based on what feels like a call and then actualizing to make it real.
When we are drowning with overwhelming feelings of fear and doubt, we cannot think or do.
When we are delayed by overriding need to research and analyze, we may get stuck in thinking.
When we are distracted by everything that needs to be done right now, we may not honor our truth.

Take even five minutes a day in a journal or just sitting alone to acknowledge how you feel.
Take even five minutes a day in a conversation or making plans to honor what you think.
Take even five minutes as day to get up and do something that is calling for you to complete.
Once you begin to balance your energy, you will see how perfectly happy and fulfilled you can be.

Life is a balance with all parts seen, heard and acknowledged for the good of You.
Loving living a balanced life,
Betty Lue