Friday, July 04, 2014

Love is Freedom and Trust

It is Love I give my world today.
It is Freedom for all in which I trust.
It is Creation I find within my Mind.
It is Divine Union I know within my Soul.
You were created with Freedom and Trust.
Our nation was created with Freedom and Trust.
Life ItSelf is created with Freedom and Trust.
Love created us as Love for the purpose of Love.

Freedom created us Free for the purpose of Being Free and Setting Free.
Trust created us as Trust for the purpose of Trusting ourselves and others.
Love created us as Love for the Purpose of Loving ourselves and others.
Life is simple in its soul purpose of expressing only Love, Trust and Freedom.

What will enable you to trust?
Do you need to know you are provided for?
Are you secure in your relationships?
Do you trust yourself and others?

Heal all past betrayals, rejections and abandonment.
Forgive all that seems to have caused pain, and suffering, guilt and grief.
Erase the memories that hold you hostage in remembered hurt and fear.
Undo what you no longer want to be true for you.

What we hold in our minds and hearts, we are likely to repeat.
What we erase, release, delete and forgive and bless dissolves.
When we are willing and able to clear the duality, we find oneness.
When we live with no conflict and competing thoughts, we know peace.

Yes, you can end the wars in your mind and relationships.
You can clears fears and find heavenly peace within.
You can claim your own Goodness within only Good in your hearts.
Encourage peace everywhere with holding only Peace in your thoughts.

You are a creator of trust, but choosing always to trust in the Good.
You are a liberator of Freedom by remembering to undo attachment.
You can clear the fear through forgiveness here and now.
You can bring Love to full realization, by trusting always in Love.

Enlightenment is uncovering our eyes and opening our mind.
Freedom is letting go of everything that is stuck in our memories.
Trust is realizing all is good when we forgive all we see Bad.
Trusting and Freeing bring the Return of Always and Only Love.

Love prevails as we remember that only Love is real.
Love returns as we remember our Wholeness and Gratitude.
Love is realized as we free ourselves from fear.
Love is the answer, the solution and resolution, and our Holy Purpose.

I am committed to remember Love, no matter what appears to be.
Thank the Good within us to Lead us Home to Peace!
Betty Lue

¤      I love you      ¤

and I know you love me too.

The freedom for you and I to be who we are.

The freedom to live life as we do.

The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

The freedom to express our own truth as we see it.


The trust that there is a constant flow of love, 
no matter what.

The trust that, in spite of life’s problems, 

we believe in and support each other’s right 
to live as we choose.

The trust that in adversity, 

there is healing and learning and gifts of love.

The trust that under conflict and emotional expression,

there is love

I love you and I trust you.

I free you to be all you are.
Betty Lue 1978