Friday, July 18, 2014

Get What You Really Want!

I am grateful for I have to give.
I love my life and the goodness I give and receive.
Gratitude is enjoying all I share with others.
I now give and receive all Good and only Good.

Clarify what you really want.
Write a clear and specific list of exactly what you want to experience.
We never really know what IT is, so we need to define the desired outcome.
When you write your “experience”. you are reimagining what you will feel.

Stop withholding or denying yourself.
Remember to clear your doubts and fears.
No more ‘What if’s” in you thoughts.
Take time to say and believe “I deserve”.

Let go of being needy, greedy or conflicted.
When desperate, you may tend to blame or judge.
When needy, you may find yourself pleading.
When greedy, you may continue to seek more.

Undo your fears of having and sharing.
“To have all is to give all to all.”
Remember that sharing with others is the joy of having.
Include in your pictures receiving and giving.

Stop wanting and start trusting.
Give yourself permission to trust all is yours.
Release using want” and be grateful for all you have.
“I trust I have everything I need right now.”

Let go of being a victim, weak or unable.
Whining and complaining is a reflection of what we believe.
Wishing and hoping denotes how little we believe.
Believe and know all you ask for is yours!

Share what you have.
We are learning to share what is real and lasting.
Not things or money, but share the experience of security and love.
Give the happiness and gratitude you feel within.

Give what you want to get.
When you want to get love, give Love.
When you want to feel confident, share Faith.
When you want happiness, share your Joy.

Start being creative and powerful by being Grateful.
Gratitude brings strength and confidence.
Gratitude brings health and happiness.
Gratitude inspired and energizes.

Allow Yourself to Have All to Give All.
Free yourself to enjoy sharing the Good you have.
Trust yourself by know there is always plenty for everyone.
Love yourself for having and sharing the best you have.

Life is Good, the more we enjoy it All.

Loving you as I share the best I know, 
Betty Lue